Sunday, October 14, 2012

{ coffee mug swap reveal - i love coffee }

This month I participated in another coffee mug swap by Heatherly Loves.  I need to say that I love coffee mug swaps.  I've become a big coffee drinker in the last few years and there is not a Starbucks or coffee shop within 25 miles, I do my drinking at home.  And looking at the same mug everyday is comforting, it's also a highlight in my day to change it up once in awhile.  

I received this nifty mug from Shasta at In The Old Road.  It has a lid!  How awesome is that?  In her note Shasta wrote that she choose this mug because she has one like it that she uses when blogging.  What a great idea! Thanks Shasta!

In The Old Road


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