Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{ 31 days of books - the wonderful world of harry potter }

Harry Potter.

There are so many emotions that are invoked when you hear that name.  I was technically a grown up when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was released but it wasn't until the third book hit the shelves that I became aware of the series.  I'd heard about it in passing for awhile but I kind of dismissed it because I knew it was a children's series.  

Or so I thought.

I began working in our local book store after I graduated high school and one of my co-workers was a huge fan.  Ginormous fan.  She practically shoved the first book into my hand and told me to read if before my next shift.  My next shift was in less than two days- she expected me to read this giant book before then?  I had a life.  I had college.  I did not have time to read a children's book.  

I had to apologize.

I read my first Harry Potter book and never looked back.  Over the next week I managed to read the second book and was one of the first people to buy a copy of the third book on release day.  Over the years and release dates I've had my hot little hands on each one as it was released.  One way for your husband to show you he loves you- to drive to the next town over at midnight to be line at Wal-mart on release day. Three different times.  I would devour them as soon as I got it.  I stayed up late to start it.  I was pretty much useless for the 24 hours or until I finished.  

Harry's world is a world unto it's own.  Literally.  There's a wonderful dictionary here that can help you refresh your memory if it's been awhile.   It makes it a little more special too with it's own language.  Or at least to me.

And like all good books, they had to go and make a movie out of it.  I had the same thoughts as the rest of the world- can they really translate the world of Harry Potter onto the big screen.  Hogwarts? Quidditch?  House elfs? Hungarian Horntails?  Not to mention the actual characters.  Who would be Harry?  Ron?  Hermione? They did and then some.  Way #2 your husband can show he loves you- by taking you to opening weekend of every movie (even before you had kids).  I feel like of privileged watching the actors grow each movie as the character.  And boy did some of them ever grow up.  Hello Neville.

Some kids dream of going to Disney World (check) but I have a hope that someday my kids will ask me to take them to the Wonderful World of Harry Potter as well.  Or maybe I'll just ask to go.  The husband hasn't said no to any Harry Potter request yet.


  1. Yay! I have found another HP fan!I am so in love with the books, they are so unique and they make you fall in love with the characters. I actually cried when I finished reading the last book! I couldn't believe it was the last one! I've read all of the books at least 3 times, and every time seems like the first time, I get excited and nervous for the characters all at once!

    Glad I am following you along! :)

    Xoxo Jessica

    ps. can't believe Ron's little sister looks so GORGEOUS!

  2. WE ADORE Harry Potter books in our house too.

    My best friend got me started as a 20 something and even sent me a USA copy of book 3 as our Australian release date was 3 or 6 months later than hers! I regularly re-read them and my (not too keen about book reading) hubby has read them all. He also went and stood in line to get my books on release days too I even scored a Harry Potter box that they were packed in... Huge points that birthday :) I would love to go to Harry Potter world !

    We have just started reading them to our 6 year old son this year and he is a BIG fan as well, needs his nightly HP pages! (Mummy & Daddy may or may not ;-) get upset if the other grown up reads too much one night. Our son even has got dressed up as Harry for a couple times at school dress up day. His home made costume was awesome probably the best and only time we will be able to create such a cool one from scratch.

  3. Lately I've been wondering about these Harry Potter books. For years I told myself... *stay away from those silly books!* I know one day I'll get ahold of them. Found you from the GFC hop and loving your blog! Check me out sometime.
    Your Newest Follower :)

  4. YAY I knew this one had to be on the list. I too am a bonafide HP nerd. It came out right when I was in middle school so I got to "grow up" with Harry which I always thought was beyond cool. And Neville, SERIOUSLY?!? How did that happen? Anyways, I HAD to make my way over to the WWofHP in Florida and it was really cool. I think my expectations were too high and honestly it's a "small" part of the park. But I heard they're expanding and I REALLY hope they do! The Butterbeer is worth the trip. And the food at the 3 broomsticks. But it's much smaller than I would've liked.


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