Saturday, October 6, 2012

{ 31 days of books - sweet valley twins }

I want to tell you about some girls that I grew up with.  You'd most likely live under a rock if you've never heard of them.

Remember Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield?  They were the centerpoint of a little series called Sweet Valley Twins.  And Sweet Valley High, Sweet Valley University, Sweet Valley Senior Year and most recently Sweet Valley Confidential.

Jessica was the outgoing party girl who was more concerned with fashion and gossip while Elizabeth was the studious, quiet girl who liked being with her close friends.  In today's terms you could call me "Team Elizabeth".  I was obsessed with anything Sweet Valley, like Justin Bieber crazy about them.  I had a single minded focus in my teenage years to get all the regular books, special and super editions.  

As I got older did Jessica and Elizabeth.  I moved on the the Sweet Valley High series just before I actually entered high school and I actually had a job now so I was able to purchase more books.  And boy were there a lot.  Thrillers, Super Editions, Special Editions, Diaries, Yearbooks- I had honest to God spreadsheet to keep track of what I had and what I wanted to get.  Crazy!  I also just about lost my my mind when they turned it into a tv show.  

And when they made it into a board game too...except the game made no sense and was boring to play.  I still had to have it though.  I was a teenager with a disposable income- they were aiming at me!

Eventually the twins moved on to college and a recent Confidential series has been released that follows them 10 years in the future (Lila on a Real Housewives Series?) but the originals will always be my favorite.

Were you Team Jessica or Team Elizabeth?


  1. OMG. SOOO Team Elizabeth. Not only was it my name, but I wanted a blue and cream bedroom in the worst way. I wanted to work for a newspaper. I wanted a twin. I was a goody two shoes, liked photography, and was too responsible for my own good.

    I kind of regret donating all my books. I would love to reread them!

    If I had met you in 4th grade, we would have been SVT besties.

  2. I LOVED those books too! I read all the books from each different series. I downloaded the new series on my kindle but haven't read them yet. I was always more Team Elizabeth.

  3. I was team Elizabeth too (also being called Elizabeth :) I thought she was more sensible... I'm guessing I still have copies of these at my parents house !

  4. OMG... I LOVED these books! These and the Babysitters Club lol

  5. LOL loved these too! This whole series is totally taking me back.


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