Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{ 31 days of books - stephanie plum }

Stephanie Plum Series

I was years late to the Stephanie Plum bandwagon.  I'd heard of them over the years but I didn't really want to read about a former lingerie buyer turned bail bonds hunter who has crummy luck.  That's pretty much what I thought.  I read the first one on a whim when it was on sale through Amazon.

I finished it in less than a day.

Once I started I couldn't stop.  It was summer, the kids were out of school and were playing outside so the baby and I curled up on the porch and I read.  It was the first time I was ever so thankful for having a Kindle because I finished the first book at 11:30pm and downloaded number two about two seconds later.  Then I found out Amazon had a lot of the Plum Series on sale because the newest release was coming out soon...and let's just say I completely blew my book budget for that month.  And the next.

I immersed myself in all things Stephanie that month and I loved it.  Even when I wanted to knock her in the head.  But honestly, if I had a Ranger and a Morelli looking at me that way, I don't know who I'd choose either.

I was pretty excited when the first book was made into a movie because I really like seeing my favorite books come to life in front of me.  But sometimes that doesn't always happen.  I like the idea of Katherine Heigl as Stephanie but who casted Morelli and Ranger?  That was not what I had in mind.  Whatever, I'll just keep picturing it in my head.

Do you read Stephanie Plum?  Are you Team Ranger or Team Cupcake?


  1. Haven't read her either, might have to head to the library to see if they have some :) thanks !

  2. I love those books! They crack me up!!!!

  3. I love these books too! I had to start reading them when she came out with Eleven on Top. I was thinking to myself, "There's 11 of these things now? I have to see what the fuss is about!" lol I agree with the movie too. Also, I found that Stephanie's accent came and went. Disappointing as the first book is brilliant. x

  4. LOVE this series. They are quick entertaining reads. So great for taking my mind of things! I am Team Cupcake!

  5. I have never read these books, but I've certainly run across them - now I'm totally curious. Will definitely check them out. I just wanted to let you know also that the Kid Lit Blog Hop is on right now and you are more than welcome to link up a kidlit-friendly post! Have a wonderful day! :)

  6. I haven't read these books yet, but I have been thinking about it. I might check them out for Semi-Charmed's winter book challenge. (which where I found your blog)

    I love finding another book loving blogger :) If you're interested we're hosting a blogger's book swap (myself & Megan of Semi-Charmed) Would love if you joined!

  7. I've never read any of these but you're definitely making me want to!!


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