Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{ 31 days of books - sports romance series }

Sports Romance Series

I've mentioned several time this month that my favorite books are happily ever after books.  I'm a sucker for a good romance and if there are sports in it?  Even better.  And the covers for pretty nice to look at too.

Play By Play Series 
This is a fairy new series and centers around the Riley family.  The Riley's are a sports family and even own a sports bar.  The fist three center on the Riley siblings and then branch off to their cousin, also an athlete.  Each books centers on a different sport (except the fourth one hops back to football) so you feel like it's a new experience each time.  

Chinook Hockey Series 
The Chinook Hockey Series centers around the Chinook Hockey team (duh!) and how all the different players find love.  Each hero is different yet you have the same characters popping up so it never feels like strangers.

Fast Track Series
I'm not a big Nascar fan but I will pretend to be for this series.  Again, it's the same sport and all the characters know each other and their relationships evolve over all the books.  Well, each book centers on a specific couple but you can see another couple beginning throughout the series.  Did I mention I loved the covers too?

This is a shorter series and hasn't been added to in awhile but I wanted to include it because each hero is an absolute sweetheart and you wonder if they could really be someone like them out there.  And I love baseball so it's win/win.

What's your favorite romance genre?


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