Sunday, October 28, 2012

{ 31 days of books - some of my all time favorites }

All Time Favorite Books

The 31 days of books is winding down and I wanted to share some of my all-time favorite books with you.  It's not ALL my favorites because that would be a really long post, but these are ones that stand out in my memory for what I felt when I was reading them or what happened to my favorite characters in that book.

1. Home-Ec 101 - Every woman should have this book.  A lot of the time when my husband is out of town, ok most of the time, something goes wrong.  It's pretty much a guarantee.  I flip through this book and just about every single time I can find the answer.  It's saved me a bundle in paying a handyman to do it.
2. New York to Dallas  - My second favorite In Death ever.  I always wondered what would happen when Eve found her mother.
3. Lover Awakened - Zsadist was already my favorite and the happiness he found at the end of the book literally brought me to tears. 
4. Portrait in Death - My all-time In Death.  Ever.  In this book Roarke finds out what happened to his real mother and it knocks he for a huge loop.  Seeing his reactions and how he copes with it was riveting.  I literally couldn't put it down.   
5. Hard and Fast - I'd read about Ty and Imogen in previous Fast Track books but seeing their relationship unfold was the epitome of romance.  He was a famous athlete but still thought of himself as a little dumb and Imogen was practically 35 years-old.
6. Homeport - I was in my early 20s when I first read this book and the idea of globe-trotting adventures and romance was at the top of my list.  The way Ryan stood up for Miranda is exactly what a man should do.
7. About That Night  - The Hero brings down Twitter for days when his ex-girlfriend dumps him in a tweet.  Seriously.  
8. The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie - This is just a beautiful book.  It's the first book I've ever read where the hero was autistic.  It doesn't really say it specifically since it is historical fiction but watching the man that Ian becomes made me tear up.
9. Twilight - Having a man (vampire?) worry that much about my safety and having to deal with his moodswings would most likely drive grown up me crazy but really, it's Edward Cullen.  Edward Cullen.  

Is your favorite on my list?


  1. The Twilight series is (Vision in white is good too but not on my top 10)
    I have a bunch of young adult authors I like that would be on my top ten authors I like too many of their books to whittle it down right now;
    Tamora Pierce, L M Montgomery, J K Rowlings and I love the Christmas romance series by Debbie Macomber , Nicholas Sparks and Jean M Auel. I also am loving Nicky Charles free paranormal werewolf romance books on iBooks she has 4 in the series and I really enjoy them.

  2. I'm a sucker for Twilight too! Just wanted to stop by and tell you that I think your new blog design is gorgeous! Well done!

  3. I will definitely have to check out that first book! And I loved the Twilight books until I stumbled upon Hunger Games! I mean I still like Twilight but I really enjoy the heroine in a romance being somewhat capable on her own (and I mean cmon now, we all know Bella is sorta useless. Lol).


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