Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{ 31 days of books - our favorite children's books past and present }

I'm pretty happy to state that my children are readers.  Somedays they are more into it than others, but then again so am I.  We have an open bookshelf  in the living room where they can grab a book as they please and one in each bedroom that have their favorites or personal books.  

It makes my heart happy to see them sitting on the couch flipping through the pages and absorbing the story.  Sometimes they "read" the story out loud or make up one as they go along.  At this time only my oldest (who's 8 years-old) can read on her own and it makes me absolutely giddy to see her reading to her brothers.  Giddy I tell you.  

The kids have their favorites that they like and I have mine too.  We have a mix of old classics from my childhood and newer books.  We have books from the bookstore, book orders, yard sales and hand-me-downs.  And we hit the library once a week to check out new ones.  Phew!

Besides reading on their own, our bedtime routine includes reading a few book before tuck in time.  We put our old couch in the boys room and that's our reading spot each night.  It's probably my favorite time of the evening.

What do we read at bedtime (or anytime)....

My boys favorite book.  Ever.  I love that there are so many different Chicka, Chicka, craft projects out there as well as educational activities.

We have a lot of the What Do You See? series of books and it's kinda crazy how they have them practically memorized.  I didn't know that was even possible.

You know what else I didn't know was possible?  That I could have this book memorized.  I didn't even need it in front of me after awhile.  I could even read it in the dark, HA!

You many notice that this is the second Eric Carle book on our list.  He's a rockstar author in our house.  I use this book to convince them that eating all that junk food is a bad idea.  Leaves are good!

One of new favorites is Aaron Zenz who is also a local author.  They like to make the silly sounds and I like saying "fell upon his bottomus."  Hilarious.

The poor Pout-Pout Fish.  Blup, blup, bluuup.  If you've read it you know what I mean.  If you haven't please excuse the silliness.  It's a fight to be able to be the kid to say this each time we read it.

Our current favorite.  There are no words in it and it's just fun to make up the story as we go along.  That's the fun of reading right?

What are your favorite classic children's books?


  1. I love chicka chicka boom boom! And I mean, I gotta shout out to Dr. Seuss, all the places you'll go still warms my heart. Oh and I LOVE "I love you forever" That one kills me.

  2. Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom are two of my favorites from back in the day! I've been on a mission trying to find them at stores! ♥

  3. Love some of the ones on the bottom---I'm always looking for more! I just ordered Hiccopotamus through my son's book club, it looked too cute!


  4. What a great list - many of our favorites too! I just wanted to invite you to link this post into our Kid Lit Blog Hop. It's going on right now! Please check it out if you get the chance - this article is perfect for it.


  5. Oh good! I'm glad you linked in! Glad to have you and thanks for the follow. Have a wonderful weekend. :D

  6. What a fun list! Thank you for including The Pout-Pout Fish!

    Best Fishes,
    Debbie Diesen (author of The Pout-Pout Fish)


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