Monday, October 22, 2012

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Nora Roberts

I could literally spend all day telling you my love for Nora Roberts books.  My best friend in high schools mom (whew!) read her books and one weekend when we were sitting around doing pretty much nothing, we picked one up and started to read.  It made us feel so grown up to be reading a "romance" book at 17 years old.  I don't know if my friend ever continued reading Nora books but I did.

A few months after I began working in a bookstore I started to buy some of her back titles.  My little paycheck couldn't afford all of them and it seemed like there were hundreds so I started with series and worked in a stand alone when I could.  

The very first series I started was the MacKade brothers.  My little 18 year-old self was having a hard time handling all the testosterone of all four brothers.  I had a serious book crush on the youngest brother Shane by the end. 

One of the next series I started was the MacGregors.  Now that's a family.  And I wanted to live/work in a casino when I was done and wasn't I lucky that I was just invited down to my uncle's to visit and my aunt worked in a casino.  But it was a over 21 casino and all I could do was visit the restaurants so that was a bust.  But I still wanted my own MacGregor to deal me in blackjack.

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There have been lots of series and books since then but the most recent to capture my attention was the Bride Quartet.  These ladies are living my life.  I love the idea of a in-house wedding planning company.  I would get married again if Vows could plan my wedding.  All the careers (planner, baker, florist and photographer) are so detailed and then I had a girl book crush on Mac and her Professor.  I love, love this series.

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Nora Roberts also ties in a lot of her town into the latest series, Inn BoonsBoro.  The first two are good but I am really looking forward to the release of the last book next month because Ryder and Hope are my favorite couple.

What's your favorite Nora Roberts couple?


  1. Nora Roberts always writes the perfect combination of mystery/thriller/drama and romance!

  2. Is it weird that I've never read a Nora Roberts book?

  3. Oh I will have to reconsider these romance novels... for sure...

    Following ya now from Monday Mingle and lovin' it. If you are up for a bit of a ride come join me as we ride the wave of life at guaranteed to be filled with ups and downs and everything in between and I'd love to have you with us.


  4. i love nora roberts! i never read the macgregors, but i toally dig her new stuff - and i'm right there with you on the bride quartet - seriously - if i could have crawled into that book and lived it, i would have!

  5. I pick and choose ones to buy but get a lot of hers from the library love the bride quartet too and her Christmas themed ones too.


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