Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{ 31 days of books - the hunger games }

The Hunger Games

All of the books I've talked about this month are books that I have read.  Many several times.  Lots of several times.  I also have a confession to make-I've never read the Hunger Games.  At all.  I have them on my Kindle, but I've never read them.

Shocking, isn't it?  Am I one of the only people who hasn't?  I have seen the movie though.  That sounds strange coming from me.  Usually it's the other way around; read book, watch movie.  I'm not sure what's stopping me.  I know what happens for the most part in the first book.  

I wanted to include this series in my post because I want to hear about why you like the Hunger Games?  What is is about Katniss that makes you root for her?  Are you Team Peeta or Team Gayle?  Are the 2nd and 3rd books as good as the 1st?

I really like how Katniss is the only one looking this way.  I wonder if Katniss will be a popular baby name soon as well?


  1. Haven't read it...and I don't really want to!

  2. I took a long time to buy into the whole Hunger games series but I COULD NOT STOP once I started. The first book is by far the best and I think I have a weird thing for books about dystopian futures and the idea of society as we know it having to start over. LOL weird confession I guess. But I like Katniss because she kicks butt but is SO deeply entrenched in a love story and somehow it just seems to be the best of both worlds. I love a good love story. but the last book was ehhhhh

  3. I really enjoyed the movie.... And I got the three books before i saw it, funnily enough it took me a while to start reading them I think i didn't want to be disappointed due to all the hype but I loved them when I got started I couldn't put them down. I do love YA fantasy and I've even re read them all. I think the books give you a lot more of Katniss but Peeta was LOVELY in the movie.

  4. Love the books (still need to finish the last one though)! And LOVE the movie! It's probably the best book to movie adaptation I've ever seen! I was team Gayle for a while, then switched to Peeta. I love the Hunger Games because they are really intense and leave you hanging, wanting you to read more and more! It's hard for me to feel that way about a lot of books!
    I love Katniss because she is an independent girl who goes for what she wants. I feel like a lot of books do not have a strong female character and I like that about this series!

  5. I haven't read these books yet, however I do own them on my kindle. I am so behind on my reading.

  6. I've only read the first book and it is awesome! I don't have the two others, but one day, I'll be reading the next day. One day...

  7. Oops, that would be reading the next "two" - got distracted there for a minute! lol


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