Friday, October 12, 2012

{ 31 days of books - how do you read }

At this very moment I am reading two books (and often more) in completely different formats.  When did reading become so "versatile"?  

Since the beginning of "books", books were paper.  They had hard or soft covers.  They came in all shapes and sizes.  Now can read a paperback, download it to your electronic devices or listen to it on several mediums.  Some people prefer one over the other and others can go back and forth.  

What about these different styles? 

♥ Paper books

The original and for some, they are the only kind of books.  Typically I only read paperbacks now when I'm checking a book out from the library or if it's a book I need to "use" like a cookbook. 

the good: 
  • They smell good.
  • There's something special about just holding a book.
  • No electricity needed. It really sucks when you are left with nothing to read because your battery dies and you can't recharge it right away.
  • There are more options available to “borrow” in this format at most libraries.
  • Bookstores.  I love spending hours in a bookstore just browsing.  I've found the most interesting books this way.
the not so good:
  • There are many activities that cannot be done while reading ie, reading and driving or reading and exercising.  If you can read while you exercise my hat is off to you.  There was an unfortunate incident involving a book, me and a treadmill several years ago.  My nose was never really the same.
  • Paperbacks take up a lot of room. If you actually want to see your books you'll have to buy bookshelves or something to display them on.
  • Some huge books or hardcovers are not very portable.  I carry a pretty big bad but I don't want my book to be damaged while carrying it around either.  

♥ E-books 

I classify this as anything from a pdf to a Kindle or Nook version of a book. Kindle and Nook lets you to import your pdf's onto the devices so you can read almost anything on there.

Honestly, I do almost all of my reading on my Kindle Fire.  Once in awhile I'll read a little on the Kindle app on my phone but the screen is so small that I don't really enjoy it.  My Kindle is like and extension of my arm sometimes.  I use it more than my phone.  It's super convenient when I was nursing my children and even when it was time for them to transition out.  I use it to read while I'm waiting for them to get out of school, at appointments, in the evening, etc.  I use it all the time pretty much.

the good:
  • No paper-cuts.
  • Books are (usually) less expensive and you can read immediately upon purchasing (unless it's a preorder). A lot of them are even free!
  • They take up literally no physical, just space on your hard drive.  I have hundreds of books on my Kindle and can take them with me everywhere.  No choosing!
  • You can lend a book to a friend through Kindle and Nook lending services without leaving your home.
  • You can find the definition of many words by highlighting the text on your device.  You can also make passages and see what others have marked too.  And you never loose your place!
the not so good:
  • Ebooks require a device to read them on.
  • It can be harder to flip through the book to find a specific section/passage.
  • The battery life on some devices is relatively short before you have to recharge.  You have to hold it while it's on the charger (not fun) or wait for it to recharge so you can finish (also not fun).
  • Depending on your device, you could be staring at a light for long periods of time. 

♥ Audiobooks

This is a way of books that I don't have any experience with.  I can listen to podcasts but I cannot retain anything that I hear in an audiobook.  It's strange but I learn well by hearing something but I just can't focus on hearing a book.  Not in my car, not in bed, not anywhere!  Retaining audiobooks probably takes practice but I've never been able to do it.   

the good:
  • They are easy to listen to while doing simple tasks like driving or grocery shopping.  
  • They are virtually "hands free:".
  • They are extremely portable depending on how you listen, ie downloading to your ebook reader.
the not so good:
  • Again you need a device but most of the world now has a cd player or a player in their computer.  
  • It's easy (for me ) to get distracted by your environment and get distracted from listening.
  • Like all devices the battery and recharging are issues.

How do you read your books?


  1. I am loving reading my ebooks I read on the iPad , still love my real books that i've bought over the years but I think I will be buying more ebooks rather than paper due the space constraints and environmentally saving on paper.

  2. I tend to do half in book form and half in e-book. It sorta depends on what my budget is at the time I want to start reading something.

  3. All very valid points! I wasn't a believer in ebooks until Rob bought me my Kindle. I probably never would have made the transition but I'm glad I did. The only thing I can't do is audiobooks, reading IS the experience for me! :)


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