Saturday, October 6, 2012

{ 31 days of books - fear street }

I may have stated in the past that I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to anything horror, thriller and suspense.  My poor mind cannot handle it at all and I've never seen a Saw movie, Friday the 13th, or Halloween movie.  Ok, I take that back- I watched Halloween H2O when in came out on video because I had the hugest crush on Josh Hartnett at the time.  I mostly watched through my fingers and fast forwarded through almost all of it (doesn't that date me) but I sort of did watch it.  

Anyway, I am hot a fan of thriller and horror but I loved Fear Street books.  

You remember Fear Street don't you?  They were about everything from babysitter being stalked to reasons why step-sisters were nightmares.  They were designed to scare a teenager but not really give you nightmares.  Hopefully they didn't, but I wasn't brave enough to read them in the dark anyway.  I'm pretty sure if my mom ever checked to see what they were about, she probably wouldn't have let me read them.  

My very first Fear Street was Lights Out.  Never go to summer camp, y'all.  Nothing good ever happens at summer camp.

Some were good examples in scaring straight.  Chelsea is so desperate to go out on a date that she doesn’t care that the guy who likes her is a deranged killer.  Beggars can’t be choosers on Fear Street.

And they gave you all the reasons in the world to hate cheerleaders. Fight, fight, fight or die, die, die!  Would you laugh if I told you when I was a cheerleader we used to whisper this quote to each other on the sidelines?

What was your favorite Fear Street?


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