Monday, October 15, 2012

{ 31 days of books - cookbooks }


There are more cookbooks than any other topic I once read and I believe it.  I know I have upwards of 15+ on all kinds of topics.  I am a pretty decent cook but I'm a better baker.  Go figure.

When I got married among the gifts were the Better Homes and Garden and Betty Crocker cookbooks.


I studied these like it was Finals week and while I haven't made anyone sick, I'm still not super chef.  Honestly the best cook is my husband and I've never seen him really measure anything.  The first time I make  something I measure it down to a "t".  I tweak it it taste after that but I'm a recipe stickler most of the time.

Some of my recent favorites are the recipes from the Pioneer Woman. I don't have as many mouths to feed but I've managed to impress my husband and that makes the books worth the price.


My go-to book for baking is the Taste of Home baking book from several years ago.  I have never went wrong with a recipe from this book.  The buttercream frosting is the best frosting I've ever had hands down.

And a great trend in cookbooks lately are blogger cookbooks.  I follow over a dozen cooking and baking blogs and it makes me happy when I find out that my favorites are releasing a book.  I had Bakerella's cakepop book pre-ordered and that was a first for me cookbooks.

Cookbooks don't necessarily make you a better cook but I find lots of inspiration in the ones that I've read and I've learned a lot of the little things that can make cooking easier.

Do you have a favorite cookbook?


  1. I love cookbooks too although since having kids there are missing my attention. It's hard to make a delicious recipe to have a slew of complaints from the kids of it being yucky. But I have recently decided I will begin going through each book and try a new recipe each week. I love the look of Bakerella's Christmas pops book. I love Everything Christmas. Thanks for all the book posts. Loving them.

  2. you're a gal after my own hear with your cookbook choices! :)

  3. Found your blog through the Nester's 31 Days page...I love reading booklists - glad to have found your 31 days series! (I'm over at writing 31 days of playlists). Blessings to you!


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