Thursday, October 18, 2012

{ 31 days of books - black dagger brotherhood }

Black Dagger Brotherhood

The world loves vampire books as of recent.  I don't necessarily have a thing for "vampires" but I like how you can weave that world and its advantages and disadvantages into a story.  I was looking for a new series to read a few years ago and someone recommended The Black Dagger Brotherhood to me.  

Have you ever read any of the series?  It's set in the real world but the real world where vampires and their enemies live in your town and you don't know it.  It has it's own mythology and dictionary just like Harry Potter.  And a lot of sex.  I won't discuss it with my mom that's for sure. 

But to me it's really well told in the stories.  Each brother has his own demons and tragic past and as each one finds their mate they are saved.  Sorta.  But it's a start anyway.  My favorite brother is Zsadist.  Maybe it's the bad boy complex or just that his story is (to me) the most heartbreaking.


A lot of series get old and boring to me after awhile but I just can't see that happening with the brothers.

Do you have a favorite brother?


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