Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{ 31 days of books - the best websites for free or lending ebooks }

The Best Websites for Free & Lending eBooks

eReader IQ
eReader IQ is a free website that lets you know when your favorite books have a price drop and what books are free.  Time is limited on most of the offers so take advantage quickly.

Hundred Zeros
Hundred Zeros lists just the best-selling free books on Amazon.  It updates hourly and I find myself checking it a few (several) times a day.

Book Bub
Book Bub notifies you on free or deeply discounted books.  They only list popular books and ones from high profile publishers though.

Free Booksy 
 Free Booksy is what it say- it offers a free ebook a day.  They cover multiple genres so you'll find something you like...sometimes.

Kindle Lending Library
Kindle Lending Library can only be used by people with Kindles.  Kind of a pro/con but you can lend your  books that have the lending feature to anyone with an Amazon account.

eBook Fling
eBook Fling is a website that lists books that other ebooks readers have to lend.  You can lend/borrow from anyone.  It's set up so that you earn credits for every book you lend and you can use those credits to borrow as well.  If you don't have any credits or want to lend a book, you can purchase credits instead.
Lendle is a little more complicated.  It allows you to lend and borrow Kindle boos for free.  It works the same way as ebook fling in lending but you earn Amazon gift card when you lend.  Users pays a small credit for every book they lend and the pricee caries on book price, demand and supply of the book.  You don't receive your credit though until the loan is over.  Once you reach $10 in credits you receive a $10 Amazon gift card.  Pretty cool.

Book Lending.com
BookLending is just like ebook Fling.  I don't use this one as much because I have a harder time searching though it but wanted to include it as well.

How do you get ebooks?


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