Thursday, October 4, 2012

{ 31 days of books - the babysitters club }

One of the very first series I ever read was The Babysitters Club.  Remember them?  They were a group of middle school girls that babysat and gathered in Claudia's room (because she's the only one that a phone in her room) each week and wait for other parents on the block to call them and offer them jobs.

Kristy's Great Idear

I wanted to be a Stacy but I was probably more of a Mary Anne.  When I first began reading the BSC I wasn't even old enough to babysit.  It would be another 5 years before another person trusted me to watch their child.  That first child I got to babysit was my younger cousin and honestly, it was enough to put me off babysitting indefinitely.  And thanks for paying me in hand-me-down clothes too by the way.

My grandparents used to bring me one when they would visit and I would also check them out from the library at school.  It got to the point where my Grandpa would keep a list in his wallet of the books that I had so a duplicate wasn't purchased.  I would lock myself in my room and read them almost straight through.  I still do that now sometimes, but at 8 years-old I felt like a rockstar for reading a book with NO pictures and finishing it.

And like all great things they had to make a movie out of it too.  You bet I made someone take me to the theater to watch it.

You can't forget the dolls either.  Forget Barbies, between BSC, Sweet Valley, and the New Kids on the Block I had enough dolls.

Eventually I grew up and on to other series, more about those soon, but I'll always remember the Babysitters Club as my first taste of big girl books.

Who would you want to babysit you?


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