Monday, September 17, 2012

{ the simple things }

Can you stand a little more fall?  I am so in love with fall this year.  Maybe because summer was so intense or just because it's so much fun, but I'm all about the scenery, the scents, and the fun.  

the last one of fall
I love that there are still dandelions around still.  Their yellow color mixes so well with the leaves on the ground and when they fade away it's like they are saying goodbye to summer.

They leaves are on fire this year.  The colors so vibrant and just everywhere now.

And there's nothing like taking a walk in the fall through the park.

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  1. That dandelion photo is so gorgeous. It is simple and soft and I can see myself laying on the cool grass beside it. Have a great week!

  2. That last fall photo is so pretty! We aren't there yet, but the leaves are definitely starting to turn!

  3. love this, man fall needs to hurry up and get out here to lalaland!


  4. Summer was rather intense this year. I welcome fall more than usual but as soon as it gets cold, I'll be crying for summer again. Haha Beautiful pictures friend!

  5. lovely pictures!!I love fall colors =)
    new follower here


  6. Lovely images, Brighton. Fall is taking hold fairly quickly here in the Midwest! :)

  7. Beautiful captures.
    It still looks pretty much like summer here.

  8. L-O-V-E that last one especially!!!

  9. I like your last photo the best. Reminds me of the Robert Frost poem.

  10. Gorgeous! Can't wait for fall to settle in here :)

  11. Wow, such gorgeous color!! I can't wait my fall tour vacation next month!! Growing up in the Northern Midwest and living in the south - makes one fill left out of the seasons.

  12. what a beautiful photographs! It looks like Fall got to your place!

  13. Gorgeous fall photos and I love everything about the dandelion shot! Great perspective!


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