Monday, September 10, 2012

{ project life september 1-9 and fall bucketlist printable }

Can I admit that I'm kinda glad that it's back to school?  The kids were pretty excited to go back this year and I wasn't quite as nervous this time either.  Ok, maybe a little (lot) for the Little Man because I wanted Kindergarten to be awesome for him this year, but not really for my Smartie.  She was ready to go and didn't even want me to walk her in.    

Usually back to school is cooler and very fall-like.  Not this week.  It was 90' and humid.  Really humid.  Then it turned around 48 hours later and was windy and rainy.  My sinuses were killing me.  And the sore throat?  Yeah, I'm pretty sure I swallowed sandpaper when I wasn't looking.

The Little Man did end up with a good week.  He even colored on some of his papers and drew a picture.  That's a really big deal since he's not really a drawer.  At all.  And in me news I worked through my first 30 Days of Lists.  I love being an ambassador for this project.

And last but not least is a supercool autumn bucketlist printable for you.  There are some of our favorite activities on here- my personal favorite is drinking apple cider.  I love apple cider.

What's your favorite fall activity?

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  1. Yay! Love the bucket list...we went to the apple orchard a week before they opened, and it was fun! We totally stock up on apple cide, apple bacon donuts and honey!!

  2. Great bucket list!! Love the layout this week!

  3. That bucket list is too cute! And I'm not sure if I'm behind but I LOVE the new look! Am I halluncinating?


  4. Cute bucket list. Love your layouts and your new blog look.


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