Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{ loving lately }

i'm loving laughing at funny michigan sayings... 
I am so guilty of all of these.  I live right at the bottom of your ring finger, I have vetoed Halloween costumes for reason #4 and I am wicked good at #8.  My absolute favorite- my birthday is November 14 (the day before the Opening Day of deer season) and I always had the next day off of school regardless so I could have a party every year!

i loving leaving surprises in my kids lunchboxes...
I'll pretty much do anything to get them to eat their sandwiches at lunchtime.  It also makes them smile and their friends laugh.  Win, win.

i'm loving pretty color combinations...
I've been working on my design side more in my scrapbooking and around the home.  I know which colors I like but it's really nice to know what other colors would match.  Maybe I was colorblind in another life.

i'm loving making all things apple...
Yeah, you can eat apples year round but there's something about a fall apple treat that just makes me all happy inside.  And if it's an apple dessert I can tell myself that it's really not that bad for me.

i'm loving really quick and easy breakfasts to make before school...
I am still having a hard time wanting to wake up in the morning for school.  I like the cooler temperatures but not at 6am when I don't want to leave my cozy bed.  Easy breakfasts that warm you up are a life savor right now.

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  1. Love the quick and easy breakfast idea! And cute idea with the sandwiches :)

  2. Love everything apple too! And I love your header, you designed it?????


  3. I love that breakfast idea!!!


  4. It's definitely getting harder to get out of bed these days. I love that Apple Cider and cookie...mmm....

  5. That cider and cookie thing looks AMAZING. Let's make those ASAP. And that spring spoils color combo is really pretty! Great loving lately :)


  6. Love that color palette, and You Know Your from ______ When are the best! I love 'em all!! Thanks for linking up! Have a great week.


  7. I love reading quirky things about different states, lol.

    Those lattice cookies look so delicious!

  8. I found you through the Loving Lately hop. As a Michigander, I am loving this entry! I live just under the space between the index finger and the thumb. Whenever I travel out of state I still say pop and I get the "head tilt, blink blink" response. I love Euchre. And I'm always going up north. - Chelsea, new follower from http://bigbeautifulbroke.blogspot.com

  9. I'm jealous that you get to wear snowsuits. Here in Mississippi, we've had "snow" (and I use the term loosely) 3 times in the last 35 years. I've always wondered what it would be like to wear those. Cute post!

  10. i LOVEEEEE that food coloring on the sandwich...such a cute idea!

    happy wednesday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  11. I'm from Indiana, so I guess I'm somewhere down your arm?! I always thought the hand thing was cute.

  12. I really like this collection - its got something for everyone! <3 My favorite the apple cider mugs! <3


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