Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{ let's get physical week 3 }

They say it takes 21 days to make something a habit.  I'm starting my third week and I sorta feel like that's true.  Are some of our changes getting easier?  Yes they are.  Are all of them?  A big fat no!

Did I succeed?  Yes and no again.  Over the weekend we took a road trip and all of my goals went out the window.  I will say if the changes stick over this crazy month, they will definitely be worth keeping.   

To recap my goals from last week...
Use My Fitness Pal everyday
I did use My Fitness Pal everyday except on the weekend.  There was no way I had the time or really the inclination to keep track of everything I ate while we were gone.  I didn't go crazy eating out but when they offered a fudge sample (or two) I did take it.

Start taking vitamins
My first fail.  I've done a little research but I have no idea which one to take.  Do I need a multi-vitamin or a speciality one?  Which brand?  How often?  I'm going to just go see the doc for this one.  Pills make me touchy and I'd really hate to take something I didn't need.

Choose a muscle toning routine
I started this into my daily workout but only two days a week.  My arms hurt the first day.  There is a big difference evidently between working your arms out and carrying a child all over.  

Previous goals...
To work out at least 3 days a week & take a walk/play outside on the other days.
I did accomplish this again.  I worked out 4 Monday thru Thursday last week and with all the walking and up and down stairs during our trip I think it evened out.  

To work out a meal plan that's a healthier version of the kids' favorite foods.
It went pretty well this week.  I've found some great websites that offer healthier versions of the kids favorite foods and it's been pretty easy to work them into dinner prep.  Some of it takes a lot of pre-planning but so far so good.  I would like to have them want to eat their veggies though.  

Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day.   
I did pretty well during the week and over the weekend as well.  It was suggested to me that if I drink some tea then it makes drinking water easier.  I started on that this week so we'll see if it works.  Right now all I know is earl grey is not my favorite tea.  At all.

New goals...
Cut down the pop to one glass a day
Cut some of the "bad" foods from our everyday
Do a "me" things this week

 Some of my favorite reads this week...

7 Day Arm Challenge
Source: via Becca on Pinterest

Women's Health Mag Workout


  1. Wishing you all the best... I've been working out for three weeks now too... I've done about an hour a day except for a couple days when I only did half an hour and none on one day as I was sick then busy as a school carnival. Trying not to punish mysel if i miss on the weekends, f just start up again the next day. I am not keen on tea either but do like iced teas.... But we mainly drink water at home and save the special drinks for when we go out... I am working on cutting down on juice now only half small glass with breakfast.

  2. Traveling always makes me lose control of my eating!!!! For toning, I was taking these awesome classes out here called Pop Physique.....they're barre method and Pilates classes.....and super effective! They just came out with videos this summer, I love them!!

  3. My husband just bought me Lady Grey, which has less caffeine, and I've pushed that to the back of the tea box...not my favorite either.

  4. Great goals. As for the vitamin.. I take a prenatal. My doc told me that every woman should be taking a prenatal throughout all of their child bearing years. Also, way to stay strong with the fitness stuff! Awesome.

  5. You are totally killin it for Let's Get Physical. I'm am sucking. Lolll you're great motivation for me though! Keep on goin friend!

  6. You're doing great! I'm also trying to cut out pop and I've done pretty good so far... until I'm in a social situation. Then I don't even think about it I just start poppin' bottles, lol. Thanks for the reading reccomendations.

  7. Great job on working towards your goals! As far as vitamins, we take Advocare supplements which provide all the nutrients you need plus assist in weight loss. They make "Spark" which is a great drink that lots of people use to break their addiction to sodas.

  8. Thanks a lot really, here is our latest post try to have a look at it and let us know what you thnik


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