Friday, September 21, 2012

{ bloggy book club fallen - week 5 }


The cover of this book is my face after I am done reading some of these chapters.  Except I am also shaking my head and wondering how this girl is still alive.  It's not that I don't like Luce, ok maybe I don't a little, but she needs Daniel around to keep her that way.  

How well does LK build up the tension between Luce and Daniel? 
♦ There was a lot of tension.  A lot of tension.  Some of it was good tension like when Luce would catch Daniel glancing at her  and when she'd be "remembering".  Then there was the tension that made me uncomfortable just to read.  I'm a person that doesn't really like uncomfortable situations.  At all.  You know when you're watching a tv show or a movie and that parts coming up where the main character gets embarrassed in front of a crowd or equivalent?  Yeah, that's the time when I all of a sudden have to go to the bathroom or need a drink or remembered anything means I need to leave the room.   It's a little easier when I'm reading a book because I can just skip past those parts and I did a lot of skipping in the beginning of this book.

The way that Daniel would talk to Luce and the way she described how he would look at her made me feel really awkward.  I said before if I boy talked to me like that or flipped me off the first time I saw him, well he'd get two right back.  Once we get past Daniel's confession of who he is the tension flowed much better in the good way, but the bad tension was also good because the way the author wrote it made me really "feel" it.       

As the novel goes on, we start to find out more clues as to Cam's secret. What do you think we will learn about Cam before the end of the novel?
♦ I'm pretty sure by now we are going to find out that Cam is a bad guy.  Not just a bad boy, but the bad guy.  He's starting to cross that line from charming to creepy.  At first he was handsome and polite and came across as the guy Luce should fall for.  He then took a ninety degree turn into creepy, stalker-like guy and the nice things he said all of sudden sound false and insincere.  I could be a little clouded by Luce's feeling and the fact she now knows about Daniel too.

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  1. I only really get that awkward feeling in films when there's nudity and sexy parts...especially when watching with friends or family. I can't skip books though. Films...i just get the tea going...any excuse to leave the room. I agree about Cam. His behaviour got weird.


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