Friday, September 14, 2012

{ bloggy book club fallen - week 4 }


I have not been so frusturated at a book in a long time.  If there were ever two characters I wish were real just so I could yell at them, it would be Daniel and Luce.  The author spends a lot of time telling the reader how smart Luce is but I don't think she has the sense that was given a chicken.

This week's questions...

Luce's experiences with the shadows start to become more frightening in Chapter 10. As an action sequence, how did you find the disaster in the library?
♦ When I started this scene I had that feeling that you get when you are watching a horror movie and someone goes into the basement/opens the door/runs up the stairs.  That one that says "STOP!  You are going to die if you do this!".  I understand that Luce (and Penn) is crazy curious and thinks that this book will answer all her questions, at least it should for what happens next.  

The action sequence of the library was pretty decent.  I didn't feel like I was smelling the smoke but I got a pretty good picture of what was going on.  I was somewhat surprised when Luce and Penn became separated but then not really when she came across Todd.  I was not AT ALL surprised when Luce woke up to find out that Todd was dead.  She really can't catch a break.  

Daniel reveals himself in Chapter 11 - how surprised were you by this revelation? 
♦ I was a little surprised at how much Daniel talked once he started talking.  You knew it was coming.  I was a little bit disappointed that it took catching Cam and Luce kissing for him to tell Luce though.  I was even more disappointed that after stalking Daniel, breaking into school records to find out more information about him and almost dying in another fire, Luce RUNS AWAY.  Oh yes, she finds out the truth she has been so desperately after only to run away.  I could be a little understanding that Daniel's revelations are a little unbelievable but to a girl who has seen shadows almost her whole life, it's not that far out there.    

I'm riding the line between like and hating this book so far.  Maybe because I haven't been a teenage girl for awhile but Luce is starting to get on my nerves.  She wants the "truth" about Daniel but when she finally gets it she can't handle it.  You can't handle the truth.  I'm hoping that her seeking the librarians help will be a turning point but right now I feel sorry that Daniel's destined to fall in love with her every seventeen years.  

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  1. It's interesting that you are so frustrated by these guys. I like that I have a similar feeling to grab the characters and shake them into seeing what's going on. I kinda like it when a reaction to a character is provoked. It's when I couldn't give a monkey's that it becomes a problem. She really isn't that bright, is she!

    Rosie xx


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