Friday, September 7, 2012

{ bloggy book club fallen - week 3 }


As in many great love stories, there are two men competing for Luce's attention, who do you think she should go for? Which character is more intriguing for you?

♦ I'm going to try and answer these both together because I think I'd most likely repeat myself if I tried to do them separately.  First off, who do I think she should go for?  That 's kind of a loaded question; we're supposed to as a reader want Luce and Daniel together, after all they are the "main" characters, right?  Well as of right now I think Daniel is a jerk.  I only say jerk because they real thing I want to call him is not really PG appropriate (and rhymes with bass).  If a guy glared and scowled at me like that and talked to me that way, yeah I don't care if I thought he looked familiar, he's a big jerk.  It feels a lot like the stereotype of boys who are mean to you but they really like you too much and Daniel doesn't come off as a boy at all.

I'm still forming an opinion on Cam but he kinda give off the "too good for here" vibe.  He's too charming and too friendly in my opinion.  He's the anti-Daniel in every way pretty much.  Right now he comes off as a good guy but I'm pretty sure there will be more to him in later chapters.  

I don't think that Luce should go for either man right now.  She has too many of her own issues to address and feeling to sort out to be worrying about why she feels such a strong familiarity with Daniel and her strange attraction to Cam.  I know that most of what has happened to her is tied up in a past with Daniel but the teenage Luce of right now should really get herself together first.

As to which one is more intriguing? I'd say it pretty much the same.  Both men have their mysteries and different personalities but I'd lean a little more towards Daniel because I'd want to know why he was such a jerk.  Does he practice that scowl in the mirror?

I'm reading this book slowly so I can think of the questions each week as they come up rather than trying to think back a few weeks when I read a certain part.  The characters and writing of this particular bring out very specific moods in me and I'm feeling the need to pace myself.  I'm also one of those people who can't read one book at a time so I've been bouncing back and forth between Fallen and Playing to Win and finishing that up before Delusion in Death comes out next week.  

Fall is a great time for books.


  1. I think it's fantastic that you have the patience to read as you go. I should probably warn you that my post (now up!) might count as a spoiler...although it does contain a great picture of Colin Firth. I actually thought Luce was being more of a bass than Daniel as even though he was entirely gross to her she still mooned over him like a slightly desperate puppy. It's the only part of her character I didn't really like. I'm not sure whether I wrote more about 'Fallen' this week or Pride & Prejudice. I really should learn to stay on topic!

    I am starting to think about books for next time. I'd like to move away from teen fiction and series for a bit and perhaps go for a completely different genre. Maybe detective fiction or a book sent in a different country. What do you think?

    Rosie x


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