Sunday, September 30, 2012

{ loving lately }

Can you believe that it's October now?  It seems like we were just getting out of school or lighting fireworks and know I'm about to dive into Holiday planning and parties.  Where does time go?

i'm loving... project real life

I'm so excited to take this class.  I've kept up with Project Life all year, which is pretty amazing in itself for me, but I want to figure out how to go to the next level with it I guess.  Or maybe just organize it better.  I have high hopes!

i'm loving... reading funny ecards

I seriously waste so much time doing this.  I see them on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook all the time.  A lot of the time I also laugh because I know a person that they would describe exactly.

i'm (still) loving... football food

I can't get enough for football food lately.  My new tradition is holing up in my room on Sunday watching the games and working on Project Life.  Why my room?  Because I am the only person in my house that likes football.  Again I have high hopes that one of my boys will join me in my love of sports in the future.

i'm loving... twinkie cupcakes

My guilty pleasure is Twinkies.  I seriously can't resist one.  It's like my kryptonite.  So are cupcakes.  A twinkie cupcake?  I'm all over that.

i'm loving... getting a head start on my holiday plans

I already know I'm doing the Christmas Party in the Big Man's classroom this year and I have plans to use Carly's recipe  to do this. I'm pretty sure the kids will love it.

{ the simple things }

I love tiny things.  Everything looks cute in mini size to me.  From mini food to mini little feet.  
I love little feet and their little tiny toes.

And the tiny shoes that they wear.

And the little footprints that they make on everywhere.
Especially in my heart.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

{ 30 days of lists roundup and weekly favorites }

It's time for the third update to 30 Days of Lists.  Can you believe that September is almost over?  There are only a few more lists to go and I've had so much fun with my time as a 30 Lists Ambassador.  Here are my lists from this week...

some of my favorites this week...

Lists-page-spread-2  Photos of myself

Sept 20th 2012

{ fall into fall swap reveal - amber is awesome }

It's not secret that I'm a big fan of fall and when Neely, Erin, and Tracy announced their Fall Into Fall Swap I signed up right away.  I've participated in a few swaps lately and I'm loving them.  I've found a lot of great new blogs and met some wonderful ladies.

My swap partner as Amber from A Little Pink in the Cornfield and I thinks she's pretty awesome. Amber writes wonderful and funny posts on her blog about being a city girl in Iowa.  She'll tell you all about what I sent her but I want to rave over what I received. 

The theme was obviously fall and I said that I liked anything fall except for roosters.  I had no idea roosters were now a fall themed animal (at least they are around here now) and I'm kinda scared of them.  Which is really unfortunate since we have two.  They stay in their part of the yard and I stay in mine.  So far it works out, but anyway, I was pretty surprised when I opened my box with all my goodies inside.

How cool is this little notepad?  The colors and design are just my style and the circle notes are so cute.  I like writing on cute paper.

These are the neastest post-it notes I've ever seen.   In case you can't see it one pad says "Don't even ask" and the other says "On the same page".  They fit right in with the lister in me.

One of the other things I mentioned was that I loved the scents of fall and what says fall better than cinnamon and cider.  I may never burn it and just crack the lid to smell it everyday it smells that good.

And this is the only shot of the yummy carmel Hershey Kisses that Amber sent too because they were gone by the next day.  I did manage to eat a few but when I went back to the candy dish they were gone (mistake #1 was putting them there in the first place).  The mystery of the missing candy was solved the next morning when I found a wrapper stash in my oldest boys bedroom.  Sneaky little guy.

Happy Fall Y'all!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{ the best halloween books for kids }

In case you haven't noticed, I am a reader.  I love books.  I love books like Carrie loves shoes.  No lie.  

One of my favorite things to do each season with the kids is to read our favorite holiday books.  This time of year I start to sprinkle in books about fall as well as Halloween. Some are new and some are old favorites.  One of the best feelings is reading to the Little Man the same book that I read to his big sister.  Each kid has their favorites and here's a list of some of our favs from the past few years. 

(clicking on the image will take you to Amazon)

Ghosts in the House!

The entire book is like the cover with orange pages and the back block pictures.  It reminds me of the old fashioned style of books.  And the story is cute too.

Where is Baby's Pumpkin?
It's a flap book and my kids love flap books.  They already have what's underneath each flap memorized but they humor me when I "guess" wrong.  

In The Haunted House

We love this author!  The kids love the "spooky" story and I like how it rhymes.  Rhyming stories keep me on my toes when I'm reading.  

Dem Bones

It's a spooky story and an educational book all in one.  The song lyrics are the basis of the book with little parts about each bone thrown in.  I even learned a few things.

Scary, Scary Halloween

The story is about a child watching all kinds of monsters pass by but it's really his friends in their costumes.  A nice story through the eyes of a young child.

Five Little Pumpkins

My favorite Halloween song ever!  I love singing this song all month long at random times and a book about it is even better.  Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.  The first one said, "Oh my, it's getting late."

The Night Before Halloween

It's a takeoff of "Twas the Night before Christmas" but with ghost and goblins.  It's silly and fun and the kids like hearing the same rhythm from something they are familiar with.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

One of my absolute favorites.  It follows a Little Old Lady on her way home as pieces of a scarecrow pop out and follow her home.  "Get out of my way I'm not scared of you."

Room on the Broom

Another neat rhyming book and there's also a lot of opportunities to use all kinds of silly voices as well.  The witch should really be driving a car.

Big Pumpkin
A nice tale of brains over brawn wrapped up in spooky pictures.  The witch wants to make pumpkin pie but the pumpkin is too big for her and all the other monsters to move.  How can the little bat move it?

Are there any you think we should add to the list?  What are some books you plan to read with your kids this fall? Do you have a list of go-to favourites or do you have some new ones in mind?

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