Thursday, August 16, 2012

{ a week in instagram }

It was a quiet week and we spent it at home therefore I am a little short on the picture take this week.  For some reason I take more pictures on the go than I do when we're at home.  Does anyone else do this?  Please say it's not just me!

What we did do was finish out (most) of our back to school shopping.  All we have left is shoes and that's usually not a big disagreement.  And I was surprised by the lack of any real arguing during the clothes portion of our shopping day.  But while the kids and I were shopping, the husband found himself a new cutting board.  It's very spiffy...and very heavy.  I think it'll stay right there on the counter.  The kiddos papered my fridge with new artwork for their latest "book" and I was thrilled when my Studio Calico class kit came in the mail.  Yeah!  And we saw this sunset on the way home from shopping.  See, I do take more pictures when we are out and about.

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