Thursday, August 16, 2012

{ currently crushing on... cake push pops }

Cake Push Pops

Cake pops were all the rage the last few years and they still are.  I even have a cake pop maker.  But now I have a new favorite-push pops.  Have you seen these little containers?  They are so cute; a little on the pricey side, but I only really use them for personal parties.  I take that back. I've given a few away as gifts, but not many.  

I'm thinking of making the pencil pops for back to school next month... 

Have you seen push pops before?  Which is your favorite?

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  1. Omg I love the pencil push pops!!!!! cutest thing ever!


  2. I've yet to use push pops yet! I'd love to see a full tutorial on ones you've made ;) Great Pinspiration!


  3. those are stinkin' adorable! :)

  4. Just foound your blog from Lipgloss and Crayons - when she said you made her want to stay home and do crafts all day, I knew I had to check your blog out! Sure glad I did - as long as you don't post too many crafts I literally don't get any housework done...then I can blame you :) ha!! Excited to be your newest follower!

  5. OMG Brighton! These are all so clever and cute. My favorites are the Easter bunny and the pencils! By the way...I've been meaning to tell you I am obsessed with your name. Love it. I've never met anyone with the name Brighton and have been so inspired to use it (if I ever have a girl) since I came across it staying in a hotel in Paris. Is it a family name for you, or are your parents just awesome name-pickers?!

  6. push pops are the best! and i think they are a little less intimidating than cake-pops...i haven't tried making them for myself yet though!

    so glad i found your blog through the link up!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  7. THIS is so stinking cool!! I would love to try this stuff! Never seen anything like it before. Thanks for linking up!

  8. I've never seen these before! Wow - new trend that I love! <3

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