Thursday, August 30, 2012

{ bloggy book club - fallen week #1 & #2 }


Bloggy Book Club is back and this time the selection is Fallen by Lauren Kate.  It has a pretty cover and it's apart of a series was pretty much all I knew.  Oh, and it's a supernatural themed book.  I'm not typically a fan of supernatural stories.  At all.  I like to be able to imagine the story in my head and believe it can happen.  That being said I am also a longtime rider of the Twilight-train so, never say never.

I missed the first week so I'm doubling up on my questions.  Here are my opinions on week #1 and 2...

week #1

What was your reaction to the prologue? 
♦ Say what?  I was pretty confused.  I wasn't sure if it was speaking towards the present but when they spoke of trunks I thought it was going to be more historical.  Then "I love you but I can't be with you because it's what's best for you even though you love me" (there's only enough room in the supernatural world for one Edward Cullen, thank you) and shadows creeping in when they kiss happened, yeah I'm really confused.  

Did it successfully whet your appetite for more?
♦ I was a little intrigued.  Mostly because I wanted to know if it was going to be a modern day story or jump back and forth between the past and present.  And I was curious to why the couple couldn't be together.  I'm a sucker for that stuff.

week #2

How well do you think Lauren Kate captured the experience of starting a new school?
♦ I went to the same school my whole life so I really don't have any real life experience to compare it to.  I have read lots of books where a student is new though and the fears and awkwardness rang true.  But then again when most of us are starting a new school it's not necessarily a reform school with bars on the windows and barb wire fences.  I felt all the nervousness of Luce and the feelings of foreboding she had when she arrived late and the lovely welcome tour she had.  

What are your first impressions of Luce?
♦ My first impressions were that I actually felt kind of sorry for her.  She seemed like a pretty nice girl who had a lot of things happen to her that looked to be out of her control.  She comes off shy and quiet and with that teenage awkwardness in spades.  And she seems to have a staring problem.  And getting caught at it.  I would kind of rein it in if the hot guy I was staring at flipped me off.  Just sayin.

I haven't finished the whole book as of right now so I'm not sure if my opinions on anything will change.  I did read some of the reviews on Amazon and Good Reads and I had to stop because they were clouding my judgements of the characters.  Right now I want to like the characters so we'll see.  


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