Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{ 10 on tuesday - favorite tv boyfriends }

It's time for another 10 on Tuesday and this week I have the wonderful opportunity to co-host Lena's Tuesday 10 with her and it's all about boys.  Favorite TV boyfriends that is.  It was rather difficult task to narrow this list down but someone had to do it (and I can't wait to see yours too.)  

Who I make sure my DVR is set to record...

1. Sam and Dean Winchester - Ok, they could count as two but I'm not.  It's really too hard to choose and it's my list so I'm not.  Together they'd make a great boyfriend- Sam's sweet nature and Dean's bad-assness.  And they've been to hell and back- drama with your family would be nothing.

2. Seeley Booth - Everything about Booth is nice guy/tough guy.  He's a ex-sniper, FBI agent, and a wonderful dad.  How did Brennan resist so long?

3. Dr. Spencer Reid - He carries a gun and wears sweater vests.  It should be all wrong but it's so right.  And it's actually his brain that's the deadly weapon.  

4. Dean Forester - Oh wow, how did Jared Padelicki end up on here twice?  Dean is the first boyfriend that every teenage girl should have...even if he and Rory had a bout of "narcolepsy".  

5. Finn Hudson - If Dean was the boyfriend every teenage girl should have, Finn is the one they want.  He's athletic, sings, (sorta) dances, and stands by his girlfriend no matter how crazy she is.  He even sends her off to New York to follow her dreams.  Sigh....

6. Seth Cohen - It doesn't get anymore adorkable than Seth Cohen.  Any guy that can create his own holiday and names his boat after you is a keeper.

7. Steve Mcgarrett - He's like a modern Macgyver, saving bad guys in the rain forest by inflating their collapsed lungs with bamboo shoots.  I love a man in uniform.

8. Dr. Mark Sloan - I didn't say all boyfriends had to be good.  He's a total dog who slept with his best friends wife but he's McSteamy.

9. Chuck Bass - I'm Chuck Bass.  Isn't that enough?

10. Alcide Harveaux - I'm pretty sure he's just the baddest of them all.  Do I really need to say why?

Who's your favorite tv boyfriend?

and the grab box if you want it!



  1. Great list!
    "Booth" is on my list too... but as "Angel!" Ha!

    1. I went back and forth but it was the suit that did it for me!

  2. Booth was almost on my list! And the word "adorkable"? Love it!

    1. Thanks! I wanted to do Angel and Booth but I already had a repeat. Some guys just play great characters!

  3. I so was going to do this...then I forgot...Bradley Cooper when he was on Alias...YUM!

    1. I loved Alias! But I lean more towards Vaughn :)

  4. Ahhhh GREAT list!! I love Jansen Ackles, so it love seeing Dean Winchester on your list!! :)

  5. Yummmm such man candy! Jensen Ackles is a fine piece of man. So is McSteamy, he just oozes sex. Sigh.


  6. Favorite TV boyfriend.... I'm really in love with Ezra Fitz (from Pretty Little Liars) and both, Sloan and Karev from Grey's!
    happy day,

    ps. I'm anxiously waiting for The Great Gatsby to come out next summber, because I'm oogling Leo's character, Gatsby right now.


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