Friday, August 31, 2012

{ blog angel reveal - august }

The second round of Blog Angels ends today and it's time for the big reveal.  If you don't know what Blog Angels is, head on over to Rosie's blog where you can learn all about how you can help a fellow blogger and sign up for Octobers round.

Without further ado I was a blog angel for the wonderful...

Can I just tell you how cool her name is?  I appealed to me right off the bat and I was kinda stunned that for some crazy reason I had never come across her blog before.  It was such a shame because I (and you) would have missed out on a lot.

The first thing I did was subscribe to her blog and read through her old posts so that I could get to know Evani.  One thing that shined through at first is that she is a sweetheart of a lady.  Her posts are sweet and funny and very creative. I love how in her sidebar everything was in "simply" categories.

I spent a lot of time going through simply baking where her baseball cupcakes are to die for and simple crafting because the fun in the sun buckets are great project for any season.  But my favorite is the simply obsessing where he amazing style shines through.

Evani is pretty amazing and has beautiful blog so I put most of my efforts into commenting on her posts and promoting on twitter and facebook.  I didn't want to be too obvious at first and I (hope) think I succeeded.  It was a treat to get to know her and she's definitely someone I will keep following.

And by far my favorite...Evani wrote a superb post about Men Decoded: Fantasy Football and is working on a fantasy league for next month.  You bet I signed up for that!  Blog Angels is a wonderful program and it's a wonderful feeling to be someone's behind the scenes cheerleader.  Now I just get to be more obvious about it!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

{ bloggy book club - fallen week #1 & #2 }


Bloggy Book Club is back and this time the selection is Fallen by Lauren Kate.  It has a pretty cover and it's apart of a series was pretty much all I knew.  Oh, and it's a supernatural themed book.  I'm not typically a fan of supernatural stories.  At all.  I like to be able to imagine the story in my head and believe it can happen.  That being said I am also a longtime rider of the Twilight-train so, never say never.

I missed the first week so I'm doubling up on my questions.  Here are my opinions on week #1 and 2...

week #1

What was your reaction to the prologue? 
♦ Say what?  I was pretty confused.  I wasn't sure if it was speaking towards the present but when they spoke of trunks I thought it was going to be more historical.  Then "I love you but I can't be with you because it's what's best for you even though you love me" (there's only enough room in the supernatural world for one Edward Cullen, thank you) and shadows creeping in when they kiss happened, yeah I'm really confused.  

Did it successfully whet your appetite for more?
♦ I was a little intrigued.  Mostly because I wanted to know if it was going to be a modern day story or jump back and forth between the past and present.  And I was curious to why the couple couldn't be together.  I'm a sucker for that stuff.

week #2

How well do you think Lauren Kate captured the experience of starting a new school?
♦ I went to the same school my whole life so I really don't have any real life experience to compare it to.  I have read lots of books where a student is new though and the fears and awkwardness rang true.  But then again when most of us are starting a new school it's not necessarily a reform school with bars on the windows and barb wire fences.  I felt all the nervousness of Luce and the feelings of foreboding she had when she arrived late and the lovely welcome tour she had.  

What are your first impressions of Luce?
♦ My first impressions were that I actually felt kind of sorry for her.  She seemed like a pretty nice girl who had a lot of things happen to her that looked to be out of her control.  She comes off shy and quiet and with that teenage awkwardness in spades.  And she seems to have a staring problem.  And getting caught at it.  I would kind of rein it in if the hot guy I was staring at flipped me off.  Just sayin.

I haven't finished the whole book as of right now so I'm not sure if my opinions on anything will change.  I did read some of the reviews on Amazon and Good Reads and I had to stop because they were clouding my judgements of the characters.  Right now I want to like the characters so we'll see.  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{ loving lately... }

I'm pretty excited to participate in a new weekly link up from Carly, Kristen, Niki, and Rachel all about what you're loving lately.

What am I loving lately...

what i'd love to make...
♥ this is so unique and I'm pretty sure the Big Boy's teacher is going to love it.

what i'd love to read...
♥ I heard a lot of good things about this book lately and there's not time like heading in to the holiday season than to get rid of excess...right?

what i'd love to buy...
♥ One of my favorite things about fall is the smells.  I love the smell of cinnamon, pumpkin and apple pie.  I love this time of year when we are on the bring of fall.

what i'd love to watch...
Source: via Spencer on Pinterest
♥ I really need to sit down and watch this movie.  Everyone I know is telling me how funny it is but all that my tv seems to get is Dora the Explorer and Tosh.0.

what i'd love to do...
♥ Fall is coming and so is playoffs.  I am a Tigers fan all the way and it's coming down to the wire.  I look good in orange and blue.

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{sayonara summer giveaway - day 2 }

Welcome, welcome to DAY TWO of the Sayonara Summer 5 Days of GIVEAWAYS! Brought to you by Kelly and Brooke! I'm apart of Day 2 of Sayonara Summer and am giving away a $20 credit to my shop Beyond Postmarks.

Don't miss out on any of the giveaways! 

Good Luck Everyone!!
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**Note, Unfortunately today's giveaway is open only to US RESIDENTS**

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, August 27, 2012

{ project life - august 1-15 }

I tried it.  I tried doing digital Project Life but there's something about seeing the paper and pictures in front of you with all your memorbillia that just makes it more real.  It's probably just me but I plan on finishing out the rest of the year paper. It's also the last month where I'm (planning) on combining weeks.  When school starts back up there's usually a lot going on.

 The husband brought all kinds of strange things home this month.  We are now (proud?) owners of a old stoplight and several new chickens.  They have nothing in common but being in my yard.  Whatever happened to flowers?  There was also back to school shopping to be done and the only thing that lost weight was my wallet.  One great thing for me- 30 Days of Lists promotion started and I've never had such fun!  Another great reason for September!

The Big Boy also had his sixth birthday.  Where does time go?  He couldn't decide between a Jungle theme or Mario Bros. so we went a little of both.  It's my party and I'll do what I want to.  The presents centered around that same theme too.

The end of summer is almost here.  Bring on the pumpkins.

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{ the simple things }

A lot of schools have started already but here in Michigan we don't go back until after Labor Day.  This only changed in the last several years and we get to hold onto that last little bit of summer just a little longer.  But the back to school preparations have been in full swing all month.  

The big girls clothes

The big boys clothes

Lots and lots of clothes  

Don't forget the backpacks and matching lunchboxes

and the list of supplies that they each need.

I really hate peeling all those tags off too.

Spiderman shoes.  The fourth years of Spiderman in a row.

And the fourth year of Sketchers.  Don't tell Dad how much they cost.

They are mostly ready to go back and the Little Man is ready to have full run of the toy room and not having to share cartoon time.  I'm looking forward to a little quiet.  And maybe catching up on the dvr.  

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