Wednesday, July 4, 2012

{ happy independence day america }

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

We don't have to travel far to celebrate since our town hosts a big festival every year.  All over town will be art fairs, kids games, tractor pulls, fun runs, and so much more!  Our little town really goes all out.  There is also the Grand Parade and the BIG fireworks display at dusk, my personal favorites.

I have great memories as a little kid being able to wander all over town and buy all the crazy toys that my grandparents knew were going to break within a week.  We had to make sure to find the marshmallow shooters made from PVC pipe and the pipe cleaner/ribbon crowns in all kinds of colors.  We also had to eat our weight in cotton candy and elephant ears too.  If everyone wasn't sick by the evening (and occasionally some my cousins were) the adults would haul out the slip and slide and roast the marshmallows us kids didn't shoot out our newly acquired toys.  

I have some really great Independence Day memories and it's one of my favorite holidays each year.  Holidays are wonderful for creating memories and fun family time.  Another great thing about holidays-decorating!  I love lots of holiday decor and I created these two printables for that reason.  The first printable is a resizeable image that you can place in any frame a quick touch of patriotic glow.

And my favorite!  A resizeable frame for your favorite holiday image.  

Fireworks, food, or fabulous faces- whatever you want!  

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!


  1. Thanks for the great downloads!

  2. Your welcome! I love making frames for my photos.

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