Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Summer Olympics 2012

The Summer Olympics begin tomorrow and I am so excited.  I have my little schedule all printed out and my DVR set to record what I won't be able to watch.  It's also set to record what I can watch because I'm sure I'll miss something anyway.  My favorite sport to watch is swimming with gymnastics and beach volleyball close behind and when did trampoline become a sport?

I'm excited and the kiddos are excited too.  The bigs are old enough now to understand the spirit of competition and sportsmanship among each other.  They also like any craft that I show them too.  On schedule for this week are the paper plate rings and (if the weather cooperates) the Olympic Ring cookies.  Our torches are ready to go and color pages have been printed.  They have their ideas of what they want to watch with me and hopefully they will find someone to root for.

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What's your favorite Olympic Sport?

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  1. I love the Olympics! I really want that necklaces & I want to make Olympic ring cookies!

  2. Those sugar cookies are adorable!


  3. Aww these are all so cute! Thanks for linking up


  4. That necklace is so cute! I awarded you,well, an award! Go check it out!

  5. Ok - I LOVE that we did the same topic but didn't have ANY overlapping pins! So much good Olympic stuff going on out there in blogland! Great round up!


  6. I love love LOVE the Olympics! I grew up as a gymnast, so of course that's my favorite to watch, but really I will watch just about any sport that is on. And the opening ceremonies are always so amazing! I think I might have to try those cookies :-)

  7. That rhinestone tee is awesome. The cookies look pretty good, too.

  8. Visitng from How Pinteresting. I LOVE the Olympics too. I've been watching everything...doesn't matter if I have never seen it before, I get all fired up and crazy. The swimming is definately my favorite. I'm a Michael Phelps girl all the way!



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