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Top Ten Favorite Books

I am a reader.  I LOVE reading.  I'll choose a new book over chocolate.  I'd rather read than watch tv.  I would sneak to the bathroom at work to read a book I just couldn't put down and let my coworkers think there was something wrong with my digestion.  I'm that girl.

It was so hard to narrow down a list to just ten.  I've read thousands of books over the years and some of them I can't even remember.  I decided to go with books that make me happy.  The ones that I go to when I need a pick me up or because I'm bored and they can whisk me away.

Let's get started...

1. Three Fates - Nora Roberts... Nora Roberts' was the first "grown up" author that I ever read.  Before that I was a Sweet Valley kind of reader.  I loved the family relationships in this book and the way they all worked together.

2. Vision In White - Nora Roberts... A lovely love story.  It just makes me happy to see this kind of story where the hero isn't a huge alpha male and the heroine isn't a headstrong-needing-to-be-tamed woman.

3. Naked In Death - JD Robb... for everyone who doesn't know- JD Robb is Nora Roberts.  Is it weird that essentially the same author writes all of my favorite books?  I couldn't pick just one "In Death" book so I went with the first.  It could be my favorite because here we are introduced to Roarke.  To me Roake is the ideal man.  Forget the fact that he's probably the richest guy in the world or super handsome; the way he loves his Eve takes my breath away.  That's the kind of love we should all strive for.

4. The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie - Jennifer Ashley...  I"m not usually a big fan of historical fiction but the character of Lord Ian is not typical of the time period.  Lord Ian is considered "mad" but would be nowadays be autistic and he cares nothing of social norms.  The story between him and Beth is heartwarming and the ways she comes to care and defend him are powerful.

5. One for the Money - Janet Evanovich.... Stephanie Plum is crazy.  And I love crazy.  There is no way I could live her life but it's sure fun reading about it.  Now if she'd just choose between Morelli and Ranger I'd be happy.  Unless she chooses wrong.  

6. Hard and Fast - Erin McCarthy... I love unconventional characters and I love sports stories.  I've got both in one here.  Set in the Nascar world, Ty is a veteran driver and Imogen is a young academic.  They are as different as can be but work so well.  

7. Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy - EL James... I'll admit that I read this series when it was originally written for Twilight Fanfiction.  I bought the first book out of loyalty to the author who I spoke with on twitter.  It's not a series for everyone but I like to look past all of the graphic stuff to the feelings between the characters.  Yeah, that's why I like it.  

8. Lover Awakened - JR Ward... The Black Dagger Brotherhood is hot.  They are real vampires.  They don't sparkle or worry about souls.  Zsadist is the scariest and baddest of them all.  The way he grows and the relationship between him and Bella is one of my favorite ever.  

9. Lover Eternal - JR Ward... The BDB is a series and I've named whole series above but I don't like all the stories in this one so I'm going individual.  Rhage and his beast and their love for Mary is my second favorite.  The ending of this book is one of my favorites.  

10. The Twilight Saga - Stephanie Meyer... I never heard of Twilight until right before Breaking Dawn was released.  I read the first three in three days and waited very impatiently for BD to be released.  I told my husband that if I hasn't happy with the ending then it was going to be a long few days.  There's a lot you can say about how Bella should have done this or Edward should have done that but it's one that I can reread anytime and still feel like it's new.  

Have you read any/most of my list?  I'd love to know your favorites too.  If you're on Good Reads come look me up.  I'd love to read your reviews.  

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  1. I have been seeing the Twilight series in a lot of favorites today. I love a good list too! I am your newest follower on GFC! I love your design too. I found you via the link up today. Check out my Tuesday Ten.


  2. I, too, knew the 50 Shades books in the meager beginnings as fanfiction...I'm with you that I first read them out of loyalty, but I enjoyed them for what they were. A bit too bondage porn and a little lacking in fullness of character, but sweet in their way.

    Great list. <3 Stephanie Plum!! :)


  3. I loved Vision in White as well. The rest of that series was good, but I think the 1st book was the best.

    And yes to the Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie! I loved that as well, and thought it was something quite good and different for the genre. :) Again, the rest of the series is ok, but the 1st book is the best.

    Thanks for joining the link-up!

  4. I might have to look into these...the only book I've been reading as of late is my Baby Sleep book or my CSS book!


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