Thursday, June 14, 2012

{ currently crushing on... union jack }

It's almost the Fourth of July and I've got red, white, and blue on my mind.  Red and white is my favorite color mix (see last's weeks post) and if you add a dash of blue in, well it's down right patriotic to me.

Flag Day is today and besides Old Glory my other favorite flag is the Union Jack.  The fact that they are the same colors is purely a coincidence you know.

Here are the links to some of my favorite Union Jack items on etsy...
(left to right) Union Jack Tags, I-pad case, messenger bag, bunting flags, digital squares, shabby chic quilt, digital ATC cards

Oh, and while it's not the Union Jack, he is British and it's a good enough link for me...

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  1. Omg this is awesome! One of my friends collects Union Jacks stuff, forwarding this to her now!


  2. That's great! Thank you :) My goal is to find a Union Jack leather jacket someday.

  3. Replies
    1. I want one for my Kindle Fire. I collect Fire cases like purses :)

  4. I love the Union Jack as well! So classic and perfectly chic. The fact that I'm a complete anglophile definitely aids my obsession. :)

  5. Super cute crush, and too funny to include Robert Pattinson. Crush for sure.

  6. I'm kinda in love with Europe in general. I think the Union Jack is one of the best flags out there too... The Brits did it right!


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