Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{ bloggy book club week 1 - fifty shades of grey }

I want to start by saying that I read the 50 Shades Series long before it hit mainstream.  I even read it in it's original Twilight Fanfiction form.  

I liked it.  The writing was a little iffy at times but not unbearable.  I've read lots of unbearable.  I was pretty excited when it was chosen for Bloggy Book Club because I love hearing other peoples opinions on "controversial" books.  On a completely unrelated note my Grandmother thought Harry Potter books were "devils stories" and was appalled that my 20-something self was reading them.  I do not shy away from "controversial".

I want to also say that from this point on there will be adult content mentioned.  I won't get too descriptive because that's not me but I'll be straying past PG-13 ladies in future posts.

The first questions posed this week are good ones.  First up is...

"There has been some pretty 'harsh' thoughts about this book, saying God will be ashamed of you if you lay your eyes upon the pages of this book due to some graphic scenes between Ana and Christian. Do you agree or disagree with this? Does it matter to you how these people are feeling? How do these thoughts and feeling make you feel?

I feel kind of awkward taking this question on because I'm not really a religious person.  I believe in God and have my own strong beliefs but I am not a regular churchgoer.  What I can say is that I don't feel as though God or anyone should/would be ashamed because I read this book or it's sequels.  It's a book.  Why should you be ashamed to read something meant for entertainment?  They only thing you should be ashamed to read is someone else's journal without their permission.

Oh yeah, some of the scenes are graphic and some people I know wouldn't be able to read through them but not shame on you if you can.  Or even if you enjoy it.  There are always so things that will make people uncomfortable and what makes me uncomfortable may be perfectly acceptable to the next person.  I'd rather someone say they didn't like a book because of the story, writing, or even the cover rather than because you should be ashamed to read it.  

and last...

"Ana seems to be bewildered with the thought of Christian Grey and all that he is in the beginning chapters of this novel. How do you think her reaction about his physical appearance and self awareness of himself was depicted? Did you feel as if Christian Grey was amused by her inexperience with interviews or simply intrigued with where she was going next?

Oh, I think Ana was very bewildered by Christian in the beginning.  She was a shy, somewhat awkward barely been kissed virgin who had a handsome, charming, intimidating, rich and powerful man "pursuing" her.  At first all she could see was his looks and power.  I think Christian was definitely amused by Ana in the beginning with one being it was not the kind of interview he had been expecting and two with the thought that she would be perfect for his "tastes".  What he took for submissiveness was just shyness at being confronted with a handsome, powerful man  in a situation she was not accustomed to.  The questions that she had to ask didn't help either.  I would have stumbled over a lot of them and been embarrassed to ask them too.  Not all of us are Katherine Kavanaugh.  

I really look forward to discussing this book in future questions and I would love to hear your take on it.  Fifty Shades of Grey isn't a typical bestseller and everyone has an opinion.  What's yours?


  1. This is so awesome Brighton! Thank you so much for participate this week! I cannot wait to read more posts from you about it!

    Katlyn xo

    1. Thank you for BBC! I look forward to next week!

  2. Good on you for being much braver than me about controversy; then again I have students to think about...I don't really understand WHY they read my blog (um get out more?!), but they do so I need to be a bit PG13!

    Thanks so much for linking up. I look forward to reading what you have to say next week too.

    Rosie xx

  3. Thank you! As far as I know my family or friends don't read my blog too much but I've never really censored my thoughts (I need to work on that :) )so wouldn't be surprised. Actually, I might be weirded out if I knew my mom read this book, HA!


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