Friday, June 15, 2012

{ blog angel update }

Last month I signed up with Rosie from Craftbotic & Katlyn from Dreamy Meadow for their wonderful Blog Angel series and today is our  first check in day!  It's supposed to me a secret still so I can't say who but here is as much details as possible as well as what I've learned so far.

The amazing blogger that I am an angel for is launching a new series soon and I've been sharing it on my twitter and facebook page (and a few others too.)  It's going to be a really helpful series and I am looking forward to it a lot.  I've also commented on individual posts and shared them as well. She's recently redid her site and it looks great!

It's been a lot of fun getting to know this amazing blogger.  I'm fairly new to the blogging world and I've learned quite a bit about interacting with others and friendships with others online.

Being a Blog Angel changed my approach to blogging by showing my how to focus on putting myself out there and interacting with others and not worrying about the numbers.  There are so many wonderful ladies out there and they are just like me!  I'm not alone in my worries and day-to-day problems.  

I haven't been trying to figure out who my angel is but  I can't wait to "meet" her and introduce myself to who I an angeling for.  This has been a wonderful experience and Rosie and Katlyn have mentioned another run at the series this summer and you should definitely join!


  1. Oh I'm glad you are having fun! I cannot wait for your reveal so I can check out the new series your talking about.. Those are always lots of fun! And thank you for talking about the upcoming round as of Blog Angels as well! We are having so much fun with all of you guys and hope to have everyone participate again! :) Hope your having an amazing Friday! xo

  2. Aww this is so sweet. I was brand new to this in March and it was only when I started meeting people through Twitter that I learnt enough for my blog to grow and actually for me to work out what I wanted from it all.

    I love that you are having fun with this. See you in August too?

    Rosie xx

  3. Sounds like you received a great blog to angel for! ;) Fun fun! I can't wait for reveal day too!


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