Saturday, June 30, 2012

{ the big blog angel reveal }

It's time for the big reveal and I'm so excited.  I've had the wonderful opportunity to be the blog angel for the amazing and supercool...


Hi Megan!

Megan had an amazing month in June where she had the first link-up party for "A Look Back" where you highlight a year long ago

Shaping Up To Be A Mom

and her first blogging series "The Nitty Gritty of blogging" where the first week centered on getting more out of your Feedburner account.  She had some great information that helped me out quite a lot.

Shaping Up To Be A Mom

I had a great time getting to know Megan and loving her blog.  I loved the chance to promote her link-up and blog series on my twitter and Facebook page.  I commented on as many posts as I could and tweeted my favorites.  She pretty much has got it going on!
I am also inspired by Megan's 30 by 30 list.  I have a Photography bucketlist but I've always been a little intimidated to make a list of things for me to do.  Seeing Megan cross things off her list and reading the posts about some of them has encouraged me to make a list as well as a list for things to do with my children.

Find Megan at...

you won't be sorry!

I had a great experience with Rosie and Katlyn's first ever blog angel swap and they're doing it again in August if you're interested.  Head over to either of their blogs for more information!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{ currently crushing on... s'more treats }

Current Crush Thursdays

Summer S'mores Treats

On a stick, dip, cupcakes, hostess gift, pushups, cake, dipped, & mini cupcakes 

It's summertime which means late nights, ice cream treats, and s'mores by the bonfire.  We don't always have a fire going outside or maybe it's raining but you can't do summer without s'mores.  You can put so many twists on this classic treat and these are some of my favorites.  

And if you can't make it outside this neat little s'more maker works great, but only if you're okay with not having crispy marshmallows.  

What are your favorite ways to make s'mores?

{ bloggy book club week 2 - fifty shades of grey }

Another week and more discussion of "Fifty Shades of Grey."  I told my husband that I was reading this book (again) for Bloggy Book Club and he was surprised I'd even read it, but not as surprised as I was that he'd heard of it too.  Apparently his assistant's wife was reading it recently and they were both amazed at the "graphic language."  Uh, yeah, you'd be surprised at the "graphic language" in books lately.  Go back to watching Tosh.O for your "graphic language" sweetie.

On to the questions...

"Ana seems to be weak but yet is argumentative with Christian. Do you feel as if the author was to draw here a backbone and make her appear to be stronger in Christians eyes? Do you feel that by her doing so Ana's innocence was lost a bit?"

I'm all over the place with this question.  I don't think she was weak but I don't think she was argumentative either.  When Ana "argued" with Christian I think it was more of a defense mechanism because she felt intimidated and awkward.  The backbone I was not so sure about at that time.  Ana may have voiced her opinions when she and Christian were in "negotiations" but I think it was more common sense and being scared to do something than standing up for herself.  She may not have been with a man before but she knew in a way what she wanted and what she was capable of.  

I think the back and forth between good girl and bad girl was a little much though.  It wasn't Christian's moods that gave me whiplash, it was Ana's.  I think her inexperience played a huge part but if I was confused, imagine how Christian felt.  


"What are your feeling about Christian Grey's ever changing personalities?"

I think Christian was absolutely more interesting that Ana.  To most he is probably a pretty straight forward guy who is somewhat arrogant and in control.  He is a CEO of a major corporation and you don't get there by being a nice guy honestly.  At the beginning of the book we barely scratch the surface of Christian's "fifty shades of fucked up" and the reasons behind it.  His backstory and childhood until he comes to the Grey's is nothing new but the twist that sends him into the world of BDSM was surprising.  I think he used his fifty shades at times to try and keep Ana at arms length and pretend that their relationship was no different than that of any other he had with his submissives.  But then again we could never forget his fifty shades because Ana repeated it on almost every chance she got.  

I said earlier that it was Ana's mood changes that gave me more whiplash than Christian's personalities because he was used to wielding the power in the relationship and that was not possible this time.  Ana's inexperience and indecision kept him off guard and he wasn't really the one in control of the relationship no matter what each of them thought.  

Would you ever marry a guy like Christian? 

{ ten on tuesday - 10 things i love about little boys }

I am a girl.  I have a sister.  I have several cousins that I grew up with of which the majority (all but 2) were girls.

I didn't know boys.

When I was a teenager I refused to change said boy cousin diapers because they were boys and they might pee while I was changing them.  Thank you America's Funniest Home Videos. I was so excited when baby #1 was a girl.  I knew girls.  And I wanted to buy those cute little girl rompers with the ruffly butts. Imagine my surprise when baby #2 was a boy.  And Big Girl's surprise when baby #3 was a boy too.  (She already had a brother, she didn't need another one thankyouverymuch.)

 What was I going to do with boys?  How was I going to teach them to pee standing up?  Or  how to burp the alphabet? 

But boys, boys are cool.  Little boys are very cool.  Little men, now they are are full of awesome.

  1. Bugs are cool.   So are reptiles, amphibians, snails and anything else they can dig out from under a log.  Just please stop trying to put them in your pockets.
  2. They give huge hugs.  Brace yourself because every hug and kiss is delivered with gusto and as much excitement as possible.
  3. You can fly.  Or they think they can.  Any flat surface, or not so flat surface for that matter, can be jumped off of or jumped on.  Beds and couches are just launching devices.
  4. Loud is good; quiet is bad.  If they are loud I know where they are and what they are doing.  Quiet means they are somewhere they shouldn't be (my bathroom), doing something they shouldn't (seeing if GI Joe can swim in the toliet).
  5. "No" means "Are you sure you mean no?" or how many different ways can I ask a question to get the answer I want.
  6. Trucks are cool too.  Any truck.  Dump truck, fire truck, especially monster trucks.  You can crash them or make them jump through flaming hoops.  Ok, maybe not flaming hoops but you get the picture.
  7. We don't cry, we retaliate.  I'll admit that when I was little if my sister took a swing at me or I got thumped on the head- I cried to mom.  Even my Big Girl does.  Not the boys.  They have adopted the swing first and ask questions later approach.  It may lead to several trips to the time out spot.
  8. No fuss, no muss hair.  Right now they are young enough where we get the say in their hair length. We keep it to relatively medium lengths though.  No buzz cuts and no long hair and no need to comb it.
  9. If I tell them that daddy killed it, they will eat it.  The husband is a big hunter (when he's not working) and keeps the freezer pretty full for the winter months.  They will eat anything if you tell them daddy "hunted" it.  Corn, biscuits, even green beans, got it covered.
  10. Mamma's boys.  They are strong, tough little boys.  They are rambunctious, curious, and mischievous.  They run hard and play hard.  But when they get a boo-boo or just want to cuddle... they come to mom.  Nothing gets rid of a banged finger or a mad like mom kisses or snuggles.  Please never grow out of that.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

{ the simple things }

the simple things

The hot 90' days we had in late March this year and the freezing temperatures that came after wreaked havoc on my garden and flowers but a small section of tiger lilies managed to make it.

I just love lillies.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

{ currently crushing on... rainbow treats }

currently crushing on...rainbow treats

It's been a crazy week of hot weather, not feeling good, and general crapiness.  So I'm crushing on what makes me happy and brings a smile to my face (because this week has pretty much sucked).  

links to where I found the pictures
Layer Cake, Cookies, Frosted Cake, Cupcakes, Ribbon Cake, Cupcake in a Jar, Pudding in a Cup, Fruit, All Over Cake, Jello, & Tie-dye Cupcakes.

I've made both rainbow style cupcakes for bake sakes and they were huge hits.  The cupcakes in a jar are fun too but took a little trial and error on my part.

Which one is your favorite?

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{ more free project life printables and resources }

I've decided to make some changes to my Project Life for the summer. We're really laid back during this time of year and while we have things planned there's really not enough going on sometimes to fill a whole week. I don't want to get that feeling where I have to create something to put the pages out so I'm going to go bi-weekly for now.  But in the meantime I'll share some of my favorite PL resources and card ideas.

♥ A free printable from Becky Higgins to get you started on Project Life.

♥ A great tutorial on what to do when you get behind on Project Life

♥ Ideas to fill the gap on a quiet week.

♥ Cute ways to jazz up journaling cards.

♥ Eleven lists to journal for Project Life.

♥ My favorite of all-Project Life Blueprint! I use this EVERY week!

♥ And my current favorite journaling cards.

How are you doing summer Project Life?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{ bloggy book club week 1 - fifty shades of grey }

I want to start by saying that I read the 50 Shades Series long before it hit mainstream.  I even read it in it's original Twilight Fanfiction form.  

I liked it.  The writing was a little iffy at times but not unbearable.  I've read lots of unbearable.  I was pretty excited when it was chosen for Bloggy Book Club because I love hearing other peoples opinions on "controversial" books.  On a completely unrelated note my Grandmother thought Harry Potter books were "devils stories" and was appalled that my 20-something self was reading them.  I do not shy away from "controversial".

I want to also say that from this point on there will be adult content mentioned.  I won't get too descriptive because that's not me but I'll be straying past PG-13 ladies in future posts.

The first questions posed this week are good ones.  First up is...

"There has been some pretty 'harsh' thoughts about this book, saying God will be ashamed of you if you lay your eyes upon the pages of this book due to some graphic scenes between Ana and Christian. Do you agree or disagree with this? Does it matter to you how these people are feeling? How do these thoughts and feeling make you feel?

I feel kind of awkward taking this question on because I'm not really a religious person.  I believe in God and have my own strong beliefs but I am not a regular churchgoer.  What I can say is that I don't feel as though God or anyone should/would be ashamed because I read this book or it's sequels.  It's a book.  Why should you be ashamed to read something meant for entertainment?  They only thing you should be ashamed to read is someone else's journal without their permission.

Oh yeah, some of the scenes are graphic and some people I know wouldn't be able to read through them but not shame on you if you can.  Or even if you enjoy it.  There are always so things that will make people uncomfortable and what makes me uncomfortable may be perfectly acceptable to the next person.  I'd rather someone say they didn't like a book because of the story, writing, or even the cover rather than because you should be ashamed to read it.  

and last...

"Ana seems to be bewildered with the thought of Christian Grey and all that he is in the beginning chapters of this novel. How do you think her reaction about his physical appearance and self awareness of himself was depicted? Did you feel as if Christian Grey was amused by her inexperience with interviews or simply intrigued with where she was going next?

Oh, I think Ana was very bewildered by Christian in the beginning.  She was a shy, somewhat awkward barely been kissed virgin who had a handsome, charming, intimidating, rich and powerful man "pursuing" her.  At first all she could see was his looks and power.  I think Christian was definitely amused by Ana in the beginning with one being it was not the kind of interview he had been expecting and two with the thought that she would be perfect for his "tastes".  What he took for submissiveness was just shyness at being confronted with a handsome, powerful man  in a situation she was not accustomed to.  The questions that she had to ask didn't help either.  I would have stumbled over a lot of them and been embarrassed to ask them too.  Not all of us are Katherine Kavanaugh.  

I really look forward to discussing this book in future questions and I would love to hear your take on it.  Fifty Shades of Grey isn't a typical bestseller and everyone has an opinion.  What's yours?

Friday, June 15, 2012

{ blog angel update }

Last month I signed up with Rosie from Craftbotic & Katlyn from Dreamy Meadow for their wonderful Blog Angel series and today is our  first check in day!  It's supposed to me a secret still so I can't say who but here is as much details as possible as well as what I've learned so far.

The amazing blogger that I am an angel for is launching a new series soon and I've been sharing it on my twitter and facebook page (and a few others too.)  It's going to be a really helpful series and I am looking forward to it a lot.  I've also commented on individual posts and shared them as well. She's recently redid her site and it looks great!

It's been a lot of fun getting to know this amazing blogger.  I'm fairly new to the blogging world and I've learned quite a bit about interacting with others and friendships with others online.

Being a Blog Angel changed my approach to blogging by showing my how to focus on putting myself out there and interacting with others and not worrying about the numbers.  There are so many wonderful ladies out there and they are just like me!  I'm not alone in my worries and day-to-day problems.  

I haven't been trying to figure out who my angel is but  I can't wait to "meet" her and introduce myself to who I an angeling for.  This has been a wonderful experience and Rosie and Katlyn have mentioned another run at the series this summer and you should definitely join!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

{ currently crushing on... union jack }

It's almost the Fourth of July and I've got red, white, and blue on my mind.  Red and white is my favorite color mix (see last's weeks post) and if you add a dash of blue in, well it's down right patriotic to me.

Flag Day is today and besides Old Glory my other favorite flag is the Union Jack.  The fact that they are the same colors is purely a coincidence you know.

Here are the links to some of my favorite Union Jack items on etsy...
(left to right) Union Jack Tags, I-pad case, messenger bag, bunting flags, digital squares, shabby chic quilt, digital ATC cards

Oh, and while it's not the Union Jack, he is British and it's a good enough link for me...

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{ creative wednesday - free father's day printable }

Father's Day is this Sunday and the kids and I have spent this week making gifts in secret.

I created this 8x10 interview page to put in a frame for each of the kiddos to give to the husband.  Little Man is too young to be able to answer the questions so the big kids and I took turns making them up as close as we thought the real answer would be and then the bigs did it on their own.  Their answers were hilarious and I'll share those next week (I don't want to spoil the surprise).

Click on the image to download your own copy!

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{ ten on tuesday - favorite things from the 90s }

When someone says something about anything that happened in the last decade I forget most of the time they are talking about things that happened this century.  The 90s are so last century.  I became a survived middle school, became a teenager, graduated high school and went to college- all in the 90s.  I think of myself in the "kid" sense during those years.

What defined my 90s....

1. New Kids On The Block - I think they stared in the late 80s but I didn't start listening to them until I hit my teens...which was early 90ish.  I would listen to them through my headphones while I did my homework and on my walkman in the car.  I went through a lot of batteries in that walkman.

2. Teen Beat (or all teen magazines) -  My mom would drop me off in front of the magazine rack when she would go grocery shopping and pick me back up when she was done.  It would take me that long to decide which magazine I was going to get that week.  I would rip the posters out when I was done reading about my favorite people ever! and tape them on my wall.  I went through a lot of tape too.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

3. Fear Street Books - Did you read these?  This is as scary as I like to get.  Fun fact- I've never read a Stephen King book or watched any of his movies.  If you don't know from my past posts, I love books.  I was a big reader in school too and would read on the bus going to games and activities.  I still have all of my old books in a rubbermaid container in the closet.

Source: via Desiree on Pinterest

4. Slap Bracelets - I used to coordinate my bracelets with my outfits in middle school.  The fad didn't last long  at my school but I noticed it's making a comeback.  My 8 year-old brought some home from school this year and thought they were the coolest thing ever!  Been there, done that Sweetheart.

5. Sweet Valley High - I had this exact game!  I had no one to play it with but I would look though all the cards and wish I had a boyfriend like Todd.  I have every book in the Series even though the University years in my closet too.  I don't think I'll ever be able to give these books away.

Source: via Casey on Pinterest

6. Kaepa Shoes - I had 8+ pairs of Kaepa's because we had to get a new pair every cheerleading season.  The style thankfully changed but I loved getting my new pair each season and putting in my school's color tabs (orange and black) and lacing them up.  These scream high school years to me.  And I may have my favorite pair in the closet as well.  I swear I'm not a hoarder!  Just really sentimental.

Source: via Karin on Pinterest

7. Friends - I had this exact poster on my wall for a long time.  I LOVED this show.  I was excited when they started showing reruns on Nick but then I realized that might make me kind of old too.  You know every time you hear "How you doin?" you hear it in Joey Tribbiani's voice.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

8. Big Mouth Billy Bass - I bought every close male relative one of these for Christmas one year.  The kids love them, the parents not so much.  I thought it was absolutely hilarious.  The motion sensor was genius.  Everytime my Grandpa walked past his it would go off because he couldn't figure out how to turn it off.  I eventually told him.

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

9. Beanie Babies - I love and hated these things.  They were cute presents to buy because lots of theme were themed.  I thought they were cute until I began working in a Hallmark store that carried them.  We would have people of all ages coming in and asking when our next shipment was and threatening us it we took them all for ourselves.  There was even a little old lady who would park across the street every day waiting for the UPS man and watching through binoculars to see if he delivered a "TY" box.  Crazy I tell you.

Source: via Jessy on Pinterest

10. Backstreet Boys - I would like to round out my 90s with a boy band too.  I had the world's biggest no-so-secret crush on Brian.  I swear I could listen to him sing the phone book.  It kind of blew my mind when they hooked up with New Kids on the Block (sorry, I can't call them NKOTB) last year.

What were your favorite or no-so-favorite things of the 90s?

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Monday, June 11, 2012

{ project life - week 24 }

page 1

We took a day trip to Lake Michigan and took a long walk down a long pier.  Little Man and I spent some time out and about before the bigs get out of school.  G-man celebrated his summer birthday the last day of school and we made rainbow cupcake and the clouds were all kinds of cool shapes and colors this week.

page 2
 It was the last day of school!  We celebrated we busy all week with field trips and school outings.  Hopefully summer will be a little slower!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

{ the simple thigs }

the simple things

the long walk down a long pier

the crashing of the waves

the view from the end

looking up...

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