Thursday, May 3, 2012

{ top ten christmas crafts }

The countdown to Christmas Break is on. T-minus 3 days until seventeen days off.  Is it just me or is that a crazy amount of time?  I'm pretty sure we didn't get that much time off way back when I was in school.  I remember getting out the day before Christmas Eve many times. But they will be home.  And bored. And wanting to snoop for Christmas presents.  These are the top ten things I (hope) to make over vacation.

1. I think only the big kids will be interested in making this but I'm pretty sure they will all want to play with it.  I do anyway.

2. I can finally use all those little cups I bought for the snocone machine that no one ever uses.  

3. I have this crazy love for paper plate crafts. It's strange but I look at my plate at a BBQ and wonder, "What could I make with this?"  

4. This will probably be done while the boys are sleeping. They can maybe glue some buttons on a smaller scale but yeah, this is a little boy disaster written all over it.  

5. I have tons of bottle caps this time of year because I cannot resist Christmas Coke. I swear it tastes better out of a bottle at Christmas. So instead of just throwing them at my husband we'll make something cool with them.  

6. I also have this crazy thing for hanprint/footprint kids crafts. I love making them every year and seeing how much the picture changes every year.  

7. An oldie and a goodie. I made these when I was in school...awhile ago. I still have most of them since my mother saves everything (where I get it from). The kids like to see things I made and try to make one too.  

8. We may have made these already. They were really too cute to wait. We used red puffy paint for the nose though because I could not find red puff balls anywhere. Go figure.  

9. I love all things reindeer (Hello 4568706 time I've watched Rudolph) and kid prints. Win-win.  

10. This is mostly for me while the kiddos are working on their crafts. I am really fond of ric-rac right now. I have some in several colors and widths. Their may or may not be ric-rac garland on our tree as well. Or there is until my husband notices anyway. He just doesn't understand.    

 What are your favorite crafts?

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