Thursday, May 3, 2012

{ ten things that need to right now }

It was the year of the trend.  "Trending" became an actual thing thanks to Twitter.  Trends (thankfully) come and go.

My top ten for for 2011 that need to go.  Now.

1. Skinny Jeans / Leggings as pants
     Skinny jeans are not bad in theory.  It's the people that wear them two sizes too small or who are eligible for discount coffee that give  skinny jeans a bad name.  Leggings as pants = never ok.  Ever.

2. Gauge Ears
     I am aware that they have been around for a long time but it seems like everywhere I turned this year I saw one.  I'm all for self-expression but when you stretch something that wasn't meant to be stretched that far and there will come a time in your life where that will start to... sag.  All of a sudden those stud earrings are now shoulder dusters.  Just sayin.

3. Feathers in the hair
     Where on earth did this come from?  I don't understand nor do I pretend to.  When my 7 year-old asks to raid daddy's fly fishing stash for accessories, I take notice.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

4. Animal Hats on Adults
     Companies make many cute hats for children.  Very few translate well for their parents.  If you cannot ride the Tilt-A-Whirl to the Scrambler at the fair you are the only one allowed to wear a sock monkey on your head.  Lady over there, just because it fits, doesn't mean you should wear it.

5. Celebrity-wannabe Authors
      I own Tina Fey's book.  It is awesome.  Celebrity autobiographies are among some of my favorite books.  But trying to tell me that Snooki or Tori Spelling are authors worthy of a best seller?  Yeah, I don't think so.
Source: via Suzanne on Pinterest

6. Google Plus
     I do not have a Google Plus account nor do I plan on getting one.  I do not need another social network to follow.  I already follow you on Twitter and Facebook.  Sorry Google.  I do love Chrome though.
Source: via Rhi on Pinterest

7. Reality Shows
     I know that reality shows are going nowhere.  But really, do I need to watch about people that catch crocodiles for a living?  Or buy storage units?  Seriously.  You are scraping the bottom of the barrel.  (How do I know these are shows?  Because my husband watches them.  And their million copycats too.)

8. Chain Letter Status' on Facebook
     Just stop please.  Your update about Hunger/God/Cancer/Loving my husband will just make me unfriend you.

9. Any Kardashian
     I have never been sick of a family in my life.  Not even my own annoy me this much.  What are they famous for?  A sex tape and large behinds?  See, I'm irritated already.

10. Pajamas in Public
     Another thing that has been around forever.  It takes less than a minute to throw on a pair of jeans or yoga pants.  And if you insist on wearing what you rolled out of bed in, please make sure that it covers the necessary parts.  Please don't make me elaborate.  I am scared for life.


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