Thursday, May 3, 2012

{ ten on tuesday - what's in my purse }

I carry a big honkin purse.  It's not even really a purse, it's really a messenger bag.  And I have way more then ten things in my bag at any given time but these are the things that you will usually find there.

  1. One is obviously my wallet.  If it's just a quick trip out then sometimes I will just grab my wallet and stick it in my pocket but will then forget to take it out of my pocket and put it back in my bag.  Which sucks when you get to the checkout lane and realize you don't have your wallet.  True Story.
  2. Grocery store receipts.  And the little coupons they give you for buying a certain amount of something or advertising $20 off if you use our pharmacy.  The coupons I keep but those little advertisements slips are great to write notes on in a pinch.
  3. Extra pairs of gloves for me and the munchkins.  Someone is always losing their gloves or leaving them somewhere.  Always.  And I hate cold hands.  If I every have enough "extra" money someday I am going to buy myself a awesome pair of driving gloves.  Just because.
  4. Honest Company Hand Lotion.  I just placed my first order with them and am impressed so far with what I've received.  Any company that will mail things to my door every month is great for me.
  5. My Coupon Organizer.  Yes I have one.  It's a small 10 pocket accordion style one that I've had forever.  It's faded and there's a little rip in the corner but it's the only one I've ever had with a snap strong enough that the Little Man can't open and dump and dump all the coupons out in the Breakfast aisle.  Again, true story.
  6. An extra bag.  Yes, an extra bag inside my bag.  It's one of those Envirosacks that fold up and have a snap like an umbrella.  It comes in handy for carrying all sorts of extra kids things or when they jump in a mud puddle and you need somewhere to put their muddy shoes and socks.  Would you believe another True Story?
  7. Plain old Avon Cucumber Hand Sanitizer.  I like travel size bottles and you need that stuff in the winter time.  Germs beware.
  8. Happy Meal toys.  We don't go out to eat very often and sometimes if I'm alone I'll get a happy meal for the small portion size, but I snag all those toys because they come in handy when we have to wait somewhere and the fidgeting starts.  I just whip one of them out and it's like a new Christmas toy.
  9. Cover Girl Face Powder.  I honestly don't wear a lot of makeup.  I'm usually at home and if I go anywhere it's to the school or grocery store, so I don't feel the need to "put my face on".  And I've worn Cover Girl since I was old enough to buy makeup.  It's the one brand I am extremely loyal to.
  10. Hair clips, barrettes, and head bands.  I may start out with my hair down most days but I usually end up pulling it back quickly and I like to have hair ties where ever I am.  I even wear some like bracelets.  They are a necessity.  Even more than makeup.

What do you carry in your bag?

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