Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{ ten on tuesday - the tv soundtrack to my childhood }

A friend of mine was referring to something that had happened in the last ten years and it dawned on me that she mean the 1990s.  And that then brought on a whole different realization.

I didn't listen to a lot of music when I was younger but I did watch a lot of television.  (By the way, things that I did when I was younger I would never let my munchkins do now.)  I would consider this the soundtrack of my younger years.

Party of Five - not my favorite show but oh my, didn't Bailey Salinger have the cutest dimples?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - the ultimate theme song.  The song all other songs should bow down to. Word.

Saved by the Bell - my very first crush was Zach Morris. The only reason I would get up early on a Saturday morning.

Who's The Boss? - I wanted to be like Samantha Micelli so bad. She was the coolest girl when I began to realize that the characters were really actors. I also wanted to know why didn't we have a housekeeper?

Beverly Hills, 90210 - I only started watching because all my friends did. I consider it my introduction to the bad boy. I am talking about you Dylan McKay

Dawson's Creek - can I tell you how much I wanted to be Joey Potter. I watched a little 90210 when my mom worked late but this was the first show where I got the teen angst.

Full House - I watched Mary Kate and Ashley long before my oldest did.

Friends - I thought that this was what grown up life would be like.

Growing Pains - This was my favorite tv show for a long time. I love younger Leonardo DiCaprio.

Step By Step - Not my favorite show but it was apart of TGIF and therefore I had to watch it then.

Which one was your favorite?

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  1. Hands down growing pains has the best opening - OK well after the Golden Girls. But I may be partial to a young Leo as well.

    1. Me too! Young Leo will always be my favorite.

  2. Definitely Friends, Full House and Saved by the Bell. My addition to the list would have to be Boy Meets World! Love that show. Great list!!! I found you on Tango Tuesdays and I'll definitely be following!


    1. Considering that I can still rap the whole Fresh Prince song... I would have to go with that! :)

    2. Thanks! My sister had a bird named Topanga when we were younger. I'm checking you out next!

  3. lol - love those tv memories! thanks for stopping by my blog! mer from http://ablessedandblissfullife.blogspot.com/

    1. They don't make shows like they used to, lol. And I just love your blog!

  4. I love ask of these... Friends & Fresh Prince are frontrunners though! ;)
    Thanks for linking up!
    I love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot. Fresh Prince was the first "song" I knew all the words too. I was so proud!


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