Thursday, May 3, 2012

{ ten on tuesday - dr. suess edition }

  Next week is Dr. Seuss'  birthday.   March 2 to be exact. Can you believe it Sam I am?

Dr. Seuss books are secretly my favorite to read at bedtime.  I love the rhyming rhythm they have and the tongue twisters.  They keep my on my toes and I don't fell like I'm reading in a monotone sound.  And they have them practically memorized.  Don't you dare skip a (some) pages because oh boy do they notice. 

Since the Queen B started preschool a few years ago and started celebrating it there, we continued it on at home.  Besides making green egg and ham and reading our favorites, that was really it.  Thanks to Pinterest our options have expanded.  These fit in with our Teach your Tot lessons perfectly. Now where to start?

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