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{ ten on tuesday - 10 toys from my childhood }


 I was a child of the 80s and a teenager in the 90s.  It feels like a whole different world from my children's toys and interests. There was no DVR or TIVO.  Your butt was right there to watch your show or you missed it.  And if Dad's show was on at the same time... well you got the short stick.

Some of my favorite toys from my childhood...

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It didn't work very well but it sure made a big mess!    

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I had this exact same one! If you didn't have one you just weren't cool.    

I had every single one of these.  I put them on my special bookshelf and never broke the spines.  And I was quite bummed that there wasn't any kids for me to watch in my neighborhood.    

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I had a jumbo container and a little one for my backpack.  Neither carried any makeup though since I wasn't allowed to wear any until I was in high school.    

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Can you imagine Jessica and Elizabeth in today's word?  I had every book including Super Editions, Super Mysteries and every other Super they thought of.  I even followed the series into that awful Senior Year idea.  Whose dumb idea was that?    

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Everyone listened to NKOTB but no one would admit it.  I listened to mine though headphones at home and pretended it was something cooler.  What though, I had no idea.    

I spent more time writing notes than taking notes.  Now it's all about the text message.  I dare my 8 year-old to ask for a cell phone.    
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She looks like a teenager and the guys look like they belong on a different kind of movie cover.  

Mine was pink and white.  I bounced all around the block once- then I got tired.  And there was no way to look cool doing it either.    

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Our children will never know the link between these two things.

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