Thursday, May 3, 2012

{ my favorites... march }

I have "loved" Elise's I Love Series for a long time and when she made this tutorial I wanted to try my own.  They are so much fun.  And it's kinda hard to narrow things down too.  

  Most of the clothing budget goes towards munchkin attire because they grow so darn fast.  Or they lose something.  Or get grass/mud stains on it.  This happens more than you could imagine.
But when I get a chance to buy something for myself, this is what I would go for.  I like flowy tops and pretty colors... Floral Gypsy Top and Pixie Scalloped Beaded Vest Top.  And I miss wearing earrings. Arabian Moon Turquoise Enamel Earrings are so beautiful but Little Man likes to pull on any I wear so I'm waiting a little impatiently for this stage to end.  This is my early birthday present to myself and I try to make it last Romance Always Yours By Ralph Lauren.  
 I decided last month to rearrange my cupboards and bought Rubbermaid 14pc Lock-its Canisters to help.  They are still in the box they came it but I'll get there someday.  I wish I was more committed to doing Zumba Fitness 2 because it really helps when I do.  And I want to see this movie The Vow so much.  I don't care if the critics hated it.  I love a good love story with a happy ending.  And Channing Tatum.  

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